Colleges and Universities Offering Higher Diploma in Business Information Systems in Ireland

  • Course Name: Higher Diploma in Business Information Systems()
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  • Course Category: Higher Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Higher Diploma in Business Information Systems

  •  National University of Ireland, Galway  
    Course Outline:
    Modules for Higher Diploma in Business Information Systems

    Semester 1:
    MS873: Management Information Systems I—5 credits [core]
    AY5123: Accounting and Financial Analysis—5 credits [optional]
    MG524: Management—5 credits [optional]
    MK204: Marketing Principles—5 credits [optional]
    AY872: Financial Management I—5 credits [optional]
    EC5113: Principles of Economics for Business — 5 credits [optional]
    MS111: Business Application Development [optional]
    MS222: Decision Modelling and Analytics - 5 credits [optional]

    Semester 2:
    MG3109: Innovation: Creativity and Enterprise—5 credits [core]
    MS2100: Cybersecurity—5 credits [optional]
    MS4101: Implementing Digital Innovation—5 credits [optional]
    MS319: Enterprise Systems—5 credits [optional]
    MS112: Business Application Development 2—5 credits [optional]
    MS412: Information Systems Innovation—5 credits [optional]
    MS119: Business Data Communications—5 credits [optional]
    MS2101: Managing Digital Transformations—5 credits [optional]

    MS4100: Advanced Research Topics in Information systems 5 credits [optional]

    MS4101: Implementing Digital Innovation - 5 credits [optional]

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