Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Computer Studies in Zimbabwe

  • Course Name: Certificate in Computer Studies(Computer Studies)
  • Major Subject: Computer Studies
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Computer Studies

  •  Speciss College, Bulawayo  
    (a) Short Computer Courses

    Admission requirements

    You must be able to use the computer keyboard.

    Course content

    (i) Microsoft Access

    (ii) Microsoft PowerPoint

    (iii) Microsoft Word (introductory, intermediate and advanced)

    (iv) Microsoft Excel (introductory, intermediate and advanced)

    (b) Advanced Computer Packages

    Course requirements

    Proficiency in the basic use of the software.

    Course content

    (i) Advanced Microsoft Access

    (ii) Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint

    (iii) Advanced Microsoft Word

    (iv) Advanced Microsoft Excel

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