Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Pattern Making in Nigeria

  • Course Name: Certificate in Pattern Making(Pattern Making)
  • Major Subject: Pattern Making
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Pattern Making

  • Flair Academy Flair Academy, Abuja  
    (a) Advance Pattern Making

    Course content:

    (i) Shirt making

    (ii) Draped dresses

    (iii) Structured dresses

    (iv) Jackets

    (v) Trousers/Slacks/Cullottes

    (vi) Jumpsuits/Dungarees

    (vii) Menswear

    (viii) Pattern and fabric manipulation techniques

    (ix) Pattern testing/ toile

    (b) Basic Pattern Making

    Course content:

    (i) Basic Pattern making (4 basic prototypes)

    (ii) Basic pattern manipulation techniques

    (iii) Toile/ testing

    (c) 3D Pattern-making

    Course content:

    (i) Softwares and application

    (ii) Pattern manipulation techniques

    (iii) Virtual pattern testing and draping

    (iv) Animating designs for presentation purposes

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