Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Information Technology in Uganda

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Information Technology(Information Technology)
  • Major Subject: Information Technology
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Information Technology

  • Multitech Business School Multitech Business School, Kampala  
    Course content:
    Duration:3 years

    Year One
    Semester One
    BITE 1101 Fundamentals of Information Technology
    BBC 1100 Business Communication Skills
    BCS 1101 Computer Fundamentals & Applications
    BITE 1102 Network Fundamentals
    BITE 1103 Programming Principles
    BBC 1101 Principles Of Management

    Year One
    Semester Two
    BITE 1203 Research Methodology
    BITE 1201 Website Development
    BITE 1202 Principles Of Database Systems
    BITE 1204 Introduction to Web Systems And Technologies
    BITE 1205 Foundations of Information Systems
    BITE 1206 Business Communication and Report Writing

    Year Two
    Semester One(4 Core courses & ! Elective)
    BITE 2101 Database Management Systems
    BBC 2105 Entrepreneurship & Business
    BITE 2107 Advanced programming
    BITE 2102 Systems Administration and Maintenance
    Electives: (1 Elective Course) BITE 2103 Electronic Commerce
    BCS 2106 Computer Graphics

    Year Two
    Semester Two(4 Core courses & 1 Elective
    BITE 2101 Computer Networks & Data Communication
    BITE @@03 System Analysis & Design
    BITE 2201 Advanced information Technology
    BITE 2206 Internet Programming & Technologies

    Elective(1 Elective Course)
    BITE 2205 Marketing in the IT sector
    BCS 2201 Operating System
    BCS 2204 Electronic Media & multiMedia Systems
    Year One Recess Term Recess Term Recess Term

    Year Three
    Semester One
    BITE 3101 Software Engineering for Internet Applications
    BITE 3103 Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
    BITE 3104 Intergrative Programming and Technologies
    BITE 3105 Individual Project 2
    [1 Elective] BITE 3106 Systems Programming
    BCS 2205 Advanced Web Systems and Technologies

    Year Three
    Semester Two
    BITE 3201 Mobile networks and Computing
    BITE 3204 Information Assurance & security
    BITE 3204 BITE Research Project
    Electives: (1 Elective Course) BITE 3205 Human Computer Interaction
    BITE 3202 Systems Architecture
    BITE 3206 Enterprise Network Management

    Entry requirements:
    A candidate must have five (5) passes at O'Level or its equivalent and 2 principal passes at A'Level obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent

    Mature Age Entry: Applicants shall sit for Mature Age Entry scheme examination of those insititutions Mandated by NHCE to conduct those exams.(Makerere University, Kyambogo,IUIU and Gulu University).

    Diploma Holders: A candidate shall be admitted to the program if she/he has a relevant diploma award from a recognized institution of higher learning.
  • ESLSCA Business School ESLSCA Business School, Kamplala  
    Year One
    Semester one
    BIS1101 : Computer Applications : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS1102 : Structured programming using C : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS1103 : Discrete Mathematics : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS1104 : Foundation of IS : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS1105 : Elementary Accounting : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS1106 : Social Computing : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS1107 : Communication skills : (Credit Units: 2)

    Year One
    Semester Two
    BIS1201 : Introduction to Software Engineering : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS1202 : Introductions to Web Technologies : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS1203 : Object Oriented Programming (C++/JAVA) : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS1204 : System Analysis and Design : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS1205 : Introduction to User Interface design : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS1206 : Statistics : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS1207 : Micro Economics : (Credit Units: 3)

    Year Two
    Semester One
    BIS2101 : Business Process Managament : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS2102 : Object Oriented Analysis and Design : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS2103 : Database Systems : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS2104 : IT Infrastructure : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS2105 : Operating Systems concept : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS2106 : Application Development : (Credit Units: 4)

    Year Two
    Semester Two
    BIS2201 : IT Security and Risk management : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS2202 : Data and Information Management : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS2203 : Enterprise Architecture : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS2204 : IS Project Management : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS2205 : Advanced Software Engineering : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS2206 : IS Strategy, Management & Design : (Credit Units: 3)

    Year Three
    Semester One
    BIS3101 : Database Programmimg : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS3102 : Entrepreneurship : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS3103 : IS Innovation and New Technologies : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS3104 : IT Audit and Controls : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS3105 : Database System Administratiom : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS3106 : Team Project : (Credit Units: 4)

    Year Three
    Semester Two
    BIS3201 : IT Ethics and Professionalism : (Credit Units: 3)
    BIS3202 : Systems Programming : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS3203 : Information Systems Maintenance : (Credit Units: 4)
    BIS3204 : Graduation Project : (Credit Units: 6)

    Duration:3 years
  • Nkumba University Nkumba University, Entebbe  
    Course outline
    Year 1
    Semester I

    NUBBA31103 Organization Theory
    NUBST31102 Internet and Webpage
    NUBIT31101 Information Technology
    NUBST31104 Computer Literacy
    NUBST31105 Database Management
    NUBST31106 Data Communications and

    Semester II

    NUBST31201 Computer Organization and
    NUBBA31105 Fundamentals of Accounting
    NUBIT31203 Computer Mathematics
    NUBIT31206 Fundamentals of Structured
    NUBST31205 Structured System Analysis
    and Design.
    NUBIT33103 Operating Systems

    Year 2
    Semester I

    NUBST32101 Applied Statistics
    NUBST32102 Business Application
    NUBST32103 Management Information
    NUBST32104 E-Business
    NUBST32105 Visual Programming
    NUBST32106 Data Base Programming

    Semester II

    NUBST32201 ICT Strategic Management
    NUBST32202 Software Engineering
    NUBST32203 Dynamic Web Page
    NUBBA31202 Business Communication
    NUBST32205 IT Research Design and
    Implementation 3
    NUBST32206 Decision Support System

    Year 3
    Semester I

    NUBST33101 Object Orientated
    NUBST33102 *ICT Entrepreneurship (SME
    NUBST33103 Computer Repair and
    NUBST33104 IT Project Management
    NUBST33105 Systems Administration
    NUMGT33102 Human Resource
    NUBST33107 *Database Concepts and with
    database Languages
    Students must select one of the electives indicated by

    Semester II

    NUBST33201Object Oriented System
    Analysis and Design
    NUBST33202Advanced Troubleshooting
    and Data Recovery Techniques
    NUBST33203Computerised Accounting
    NUBST33204Data Mining and warehousing
    NUBST33205Marketing in IT Sector
    NUBST33206Information Systems Security
    NUBST33207Business information System
    NUBST33208Electronic Media and

    NUBST33209Network Operating System
    IT Project

    Duration :3 years.
  • YMCA Comprehensive Institute YMCA Comprehensive Institute, Kampala  
    Admission criteria

    -UCE and UACE Certificates with 2 Principle passes, or Diploma from a recognized Institution of Higher Learning in a relevant discipline.

    Foreign Applicants;

    Prospective applicants whose final high school grades are in percentages and average points system e.g. Sudan, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and others must have their grades first equated or standardized by Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) before admission to YMCA Comprehensive Institute.

    Kenyan applicants for degree programmes should hold either;

    -The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) holders must have a minimum Grade of C+ and above, OR

    -The Kenyan Advanced Certificate of Education “GCE or A-levels” applicants must have at least 2 principal passes or its equivalent.

    Course duration: 3 years

    Course content
    -Logic, probability and statistics
    -Security in information systems
    -Computer Repair and Maintenance
    -Knowledge based systems
    -Mathematics for Information Systems
    -Information and Communication Technology
    -Computer Literacy
    -Ethics and Christian Values
    -Management Information Systems
    -Business Communication Skills
    -Financial Accounting
    -Database Management Systems
    -Computer networks and data communication
    -System analysis and design
    -Internet technology and web systems
    -Information systems project Management
    -Introduction to programming
    -Intelligent Systems
    -Enterprise data management
    -Information storage and retrieval
    -Research Methodology
    -Systems dynamics and simulation
    -Principles of Management
    -Business process modeling
    -Data mining and and data warehousing
    -Enterprise Architecture
    -Operating systems
    -IT Project Management and Development
    -Strategic management of Information Systems
    -Research Report
  • The International University of East Africa The International University of East Africa, Kampala  
    Course entry requirements

    Direct Entry
    A candidate must satisfy the general minimum entry requirements of IUEA. In addition, the following regulations shall hold: Candidates seeking admission through this avenue must have obtained:-

    -The Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or its equivalent, with credits in English and Mathematics.

    -At least two principal passes at the same sitting in Uganda Advanced certificate of Education (UACE) in any two subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Literature, Entrepreneurship, Technical Drawing and Fine Art).

    Diploma Holders

    -At least a second Class (lower division) diploma from a recognized institution in science related field.

    Certificate Holders

    Candidates seeking admission through the certificate holders scheme must:

    -Have passed Mathematics and English with at least a credit in the Ugandan Certificate of Education or its equivalent

    -Have at least a credit certificate in computer science or related discipline from a Recognized institution

    Certificate holders will either join our Foundation Program or the Diploma courses only, upon which they will join the Undergraduate Degree Programs.

    Tuition fees:
    (i) Uganda students-$630

    (ii International students-$760

    Program duration: 3 years
  • Cavendish University Uganda Cavendish University Uganda, Kampala  
    Course entry requirements

    Direct entry
    (a) At least five (5) passes at the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent
    (b) At least two (2) principal passes at the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent.

    ature Age Entry
    (a) A candidate must be at least 25 years of age
    (b) The candidate must have passed Mature Age Entry Examinations with 50% mark or above
    (c) The Mature Age Entry Examinations must have been taken at a Centre approved by the NCHE
    (d)No candidate who had previously attended a programme at Cavendish University Uganda shall be readmitted to the University under this scheme to a programme of study in which he/she failed to qualify during his/her previous attendance.

    A Diploma Holder`s Avenue
    A candidate must have obtained at least a second class/credit diploma or the equivalent performance which is relevant to his/her desired field of study from a recognized institution.

    Tuition fees: 1,386,500 per semester

    Program duration: 3 years
  • St. Lawrence University St. Lawrence University, Kampala  
    Course entry requirements:
    (a) Direct Entry Scheme
    For direct entry scheme candidates will have:
    -Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or its
    -At least two principal passes at one sitting of Uganda Advanced certificate of Education
    (UACE) or its equivalent

    (b) Diploma Entry scheme
    Candidates will be admitted to the university if they have at least a second-class diploma award from a recognized institution of higher learning

    (c) Access Programme
    Students who hold Kenya Certificate of education (KCSE) and wish to enroll for degree or diplomas have
    to undergo Access Programme. Such students require a minimum mean grade of C (plain) to qualify for the Access Programme

    Course duration: 3 years
  • Nile University Uganda Nile University Uganda, Arua  
    Admission criteria
    -Direct entry from advanced level, with a minimum of two principal passes at Advanced Level obtained at the same sitting, or its
    equivalent from recognized institutions.
    -Special entry examination schemes.
    -Certification and Diploma entry scheme: For persons holding Certificates and Diplomas awarded by recognized institutions in
    relevant fields.
    -Entrants from other recognized Universities.

    Course duration: 3-4 years
  • Team University Team University, Kampala  
    Course entry requirements
    -At least two principle passes at the same same sitting in UACE in any two of the following subjects:
    -History and Divinity

    -A minimum weighted point set by the Team University Academic Board

    Course duration: 3 years
  • Great Lakes Regional University  Great Lakes Regional University , Kanungu  
    Course entry requirements

    (i) Five passes obtained at O ’level and at least 2 principle passes in relevant subjects obtained at A’ Level at the same sitting.

    (ii) Holders of Diploma in relevant fields

    Tuition fees: Ushs679,000

    Program duration: 3 years
  • Avance University Avance University, Wakiso  
    Course entry requirements
    -A’Level Certificate with a minimum of 2 principal passes.
    -Mature Entrance: Must be at least 25 years and passed the mature age examinations accredited by the NCHE.
    -Diploma holders: A diploma from an accredited institution.

    Course duration: 3 years
  • The Uganda Pentecostal University The Uganda Pentecostal University, Fort Portal  
    Program entry requirements

    -At least any two principle passes at Advanced Level Examinations or Diploma from a reputable Institution

    Tuition fees: 900,000/= per semester

    Course duration: 3 years
  • Uganda Christian University Uganda Christian University, Mukono  
    Intake: September
    Campus: Main & Kampala
    Session and Study times:
    Day at Main Campus
    Day & Evening at Kampala Campus
  • Livingstone International University Livingstone International University, Mbale  
    Fees per semester:
    Ugandan student:850,000 UGX
    Non ugandan student: 950,000 UGX
    Duration:3 Years
  • Africa Renewal University Africa Renewal University, Kampala  
    Course duration: 3 years

    Intake: August

    Mode of study: Modular/Full time

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