Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Computer Science in Uganda

  • Course Name: Diploma in Computer Science(Computer Science)
  • Major Subject: Computer Science
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Computer Science

  •  Nkumba University, Entebbe  
    Course content
    Year 1
    Semester I

    NUBBA31101 Computer Applications 1
    NUBST31206 Operating System
    NUBBA31201 Information Technology
    NUDCS21104 Office Automation
    NUBBA32104 Systems Analysis and
    NUBBA31105 Fundamentals of

    Semester II

    NUBAC32103 Database Programming
    NUDCS21202 Computer Programme in
    NUBBA31203 Economics I
    NUDCS21204 Word Processing/DTP
    NUBBA31204 Business Statistics I
    NUBBA31202 Business Communication

    Year 2
    Semester I

    NUBIT32101 Data Communication
    and Networks
    NUDCS22102 Data Processing
    NUDCS22103 Data Structures
    NUMGT33106 Computer Applications
    NUBIT32204 Database Management
    NUBBA32103 Intermediate Accounting

    Semester II

    NUDCS22201 Computer Applications
    NUBIT31203 Computer Mathematics
    NUDCS22203 Computerised
    NUMGT33105 Management of
    Information Systems
    NUBIT31104 Computer Architecture
    and Organisation
    Computer Project

    Duration :2 years
  •  YMCA Comprehensive Institute, Kampala  
    Course entry requirements
    -At least 1 principal pass and 2 subsidiary passes at “A” level.

    Or a professional certificate from a relevant field of study from a recognized institution plus a good “O” level with at least (5) five passes including English and Maths.

    Course duration: 2 years

    Course content
    -Multimedia Systems
    -Computer Systems Project
    -Computerized Accounting
    -Data Structures
    -Computer Architecture
    -Communication Skills
    -Information Technology
    -Computer Literacy I
    -Financial Accounting
    -Computer Repair and Maintenance
    -Business System Analysis
    -Computer Literacy II
    -Fundamentals of Programing Techniques
    -Fundamentals of Operating System
    -Computer Mathematics
    -Multimedia Systems
    -Fundamentals Of Networking Technologies
    -Enterprise Networking
    -Management Of Information Systems
    -Research Methodology
    -Website Development
    -Database Design and Development
    -Visual Basic Programming
    -Research Project
  •  University Of Saint Joseph Mbarara, Mbarara  

    Minimum Entry Requirements

    -At least one principal pass and two subsidiaries at “A” level and least five passes at ordinary level in one sitting or its equivalent.

    -A Certificate from a recognized institution of higher learning with a credit in a relevant field and three passes at ordinary level in one sitting or its equivalent.

    -For mature Age students: A candidate must be at least 25 years and above, and scored 50 % and above in Mature Age Examination from an NCHE recognized center.
  •  Africa Institute for Strategic Management and Capacity Building, Kampala  
    Course entry requirements
    -At least 1 Principle pass at A Level (Advanced Uganda Certificate of Education) for Ugandans or Its equivalent for International Students.
    -A candidate must be able to communicate properly in English Language. Candidates who cannot are first trained in Communication skills English before officially starting up their course.
    -Any other qualification is an added advantage
  •  Redan Business and Vocational Institute (RBVI), Kampala  
    Course entry requirements
    -UACE (A’level) with at least ONE (1) PRINCIPAL PASS, and TWO (2) SUBSIDIARIES in key subjects and FIVE (5) PASSES at UCE (O’level) or its equivalent or a certificate (Credit Class) from a recognized Institution.

    Course duration: 2 years

    Intake periods
  •  Mukono Technical Business Institute (MTBI), Mukono  
    Course entry requirements
    1. O-Level Certificate
    2. At least one Principal pass at A-level and two subsidiaries, or
    3. A certificate in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution.
  •  Avance University, Wakiso  
    Admission criteria
    -A’Level Certificate with at least one principal pass.
    -A Post-Secondary Certificate from an NHCE accredited institution.

    Course duration: 2 years
  •  Management Training and Advisory Centre, Kampala  

    Entry requirements:

    -At least one (1) principal pass
    -Two (2) subsidiary passes at 'A' Level , attained at the same sitting.

    Duration:2 years.
  •  Kasco Comprehensive Institute, Wakiso   
    Course entry requirements
    -Certificate from a recognized institution of Higher Learning.
    -O level certificate atleast.

    Course duration: 2 years
  •  Rosa Mystica Business Institute, Kampala  
    Course entry requirements
    -UACE certificate with atleast 1 principal pass and subsidiaries in principal subjects
    -UCE certificate with atleast 5 passes
  •  Datamine Technical Business School, Kampala  
    Duration:2 years

    Fees per term:UGX 595,000
  •  Liberty College, Kasese  
    Diploma in Computer Science, Repair & Maintenance
  •  Ndejje University, Kampala  
    Diploma in Computer Science with Education.
  •  Islamic Call University College, Kampala  

    Duration:2 years.
  •  Kampala University, Ggaba  
    Duration:2 years

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