Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Project Management in Uganda

  • Course Name: Certificate in Project Management(Project Management)
  • Major Subject: Project Management
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Project Management

  •  ESAMI Business School, Kampala  
    Course duration: 3 weeks

    Course content
    Financial ratios;

    Portfolio management;

    Environmental theory and practice;

    Environmental impact assessment;

    Monitoring concept;

    Project planning and control;

    Designing performance indicators;

    Evaluation concept and techniques;

    Developing evaluation terms of references;

    Project costing;

    Sustainability in projects.
    Work breakdown schedules and network analysis;

    Cost benefit analysis;

    Procurement management;

    Stakeholder management;

    Sourcing project finance;

    Developing financial statements;

    Cash-flow statements, income statements, balance sheets;
    Project cycle;

    Project and programme management;

    Project design and formulation;

    Best practices in management of private and public sector projects;
  •  Africa Institute of Management (AIM), Kampala  
    Course duration: 3 weeks

    Course content:
    -PMO directors
    -Program directors
    -Program managers
    -Senior project managers
  •  Meritorious Biztech College, Kampala  
  •  Clarke International University, Kampala  

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