Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Radio and Tv Presenting in South Africa

  • Course Name: Certificate in Radio and Tv Presenting(Radio and Tv Presenting)
  • Major Subject: Radio and Tv Presenting
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Radio and Tv Presenting

  •  Cityvarsity School of Media and Creative Arts, Cape Town   
    Short learning program: presenting for TV

    Course outline

    (i) Introduction to TV Presenting

    (ii) Skills Required

    (iii) Relating to the camera

    (iv) Relaxing in front of the camera

    (v) Body Language

    (vi) Make-up and clothing

    (vii) In the studio

    (viii) Technical Aspects of Presenting in a studio

    (ix) Continuity Presenting

    (x) Coping with technical breakdowns

    (xi) Different styles of presenting

    (xii) Travel programs

    (xiii) Music programs

    (xiv) Magazine program

    (xv) Interviewing skills

    (xvi) Effective interviewing

    (xvii) Recording of presenters show reel, and assessment

    Fees: R 4 995,00

    Course duration: 6 weeks
  •  AFDA,The School for the Creative Economy, Johannesburg  
    Course name: Higher certificate in Radio and Podcasting

    Course requirements:

    (i) National Senior Certificate (South African Grade 12 / Matric) with entry into a Diploma or Higher Certificate.

    (ii) Should you not have the above, you may be able to qualify to complete and pass the AFDA Entrance Exam

    Course duration: One year

    Course duration: One year
  •  Oakfields College, Pretoria  
    Course content:

    (i) Vocal development

    (ii) The role of the presenter

    (iii) The versatile presenter

    (iv) Studio protocol

    Course duration: Ten weeks, three hours per week

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