Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Digital Systems in South Africa

  • Course Name: Certificate in Digital Systems(Digital Systems)
  • Major Subject: Digital Systems
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Digital Systems

  •  Berea Technical College, Durban  
    Duration: 1 year

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -Grade 10 with Maths or relevant experience.
    -Grade 10 without Maths, then Maths N1 or Fundamental Maths compulsory.
    -Learners who register for this qualification should have passed Grade 10 or its equivalent

    Course Outline:
    -Convert and perform calculations using the different number systems.
    -Describe the working and application of logic devices and circuits.
    -Apply rules of logic to solve problems.
    -Use and interpret logic symbols use to represent devices and systems.
    -Describe the function and application of pulse circuits.
    -Troubleshoot logic circuits.
  •  INTEC College, Cape Town  
    Duration: 18 months

    Minimum entry requirement:
    Grade 10 (Std. 8) with Mathematics or Grade 10 (Std. 8) without Mathematics must have N1 Mathematics or Fundamentals of Mathematics or equivalent or minimum 2 years relevant work experience.

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