Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Architectural Technology in South Africa

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Architectural Technology(Architectural Technology)
  • Major Subject: Architectural Technology
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Bachelor of Architectural Technology is a comprehensive degree program that equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of architecture. Students will learn about architectural design, construction technology, sustainable architecture and building regulations. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on both theoretical understanding and practical application.

Bachelor of Architectural Technology prepares graduates for a variety of career opportunities including:
1. Architectural technologist
2. Building surveyor
3. Construction project manager
4. Sustainable design consultant
5. Urban planner
6. Interior designer
7. Building inspector
8. Facility manager
9. Construction estimator
10. Heritage consultant

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Architectural Technology

  • Tshwane University of Technology Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria  
    Duration: 1 year

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -A National Diploma: Architectural Technology or an equivalent qualification

    Course Overview:
    -Advanced Computer Applications
    -Computer Hardware
    -Network Systems
    -Construction Methods
    -Construction Materials
    -Law and Contract Management
    -Architectural Practice
    -Business Management
  • Cad4all Institute of Applied Architecture Cad4all Institute of Applied Architecture, Cape Town  

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