Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Strategic Planning in South Africa

  • Course Name: Certificate in Strategic Planning(Strategic Planning)
  • Major Subject: Strategic Planning
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Strategic Planning

  • College Of Chartered Accountants College Of Chartered Accountants, Sandton  
    Duration: 3 days

    Tuition fees: R 10,500

    Course Content:
    -Introduction to strategy, planning and structure.
    -Modelling the strategic planning process.
    -Creating SMART corporate objectives.
    -The company and the economy.
    -The company and the global market.
    -Internal analysis of the company.
    -Making choices among strategies.
    -Implementing and evaluating strategy.
  • Durban  Business  College Durban Business College, Durban  
    Course duration: 2 Days
  • Kalideen Management Services KMS Kalideen Management Services KMS, Kwazulu Natal  

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