Colleges and Universities Offering Rough Diamond Evaluation and Grading Course in South Africa

  • Course Name: Rough Diamond Evaluation and Grading Course(Rough Diamond Evaluation and Grading)
  • Major Subject: Rough Diamond Evaluation and Grading
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Rough Diamond Evaluation and Grading Course

  •  Diamond Education College, Boulevard  
    Duration: 2 weeks

    Tuition fees: R 12,000

    Course Outline:
    -The correct use of a loupe.
    -The different varieties of diamond crystals and polycrystalline aggregates in diamonds using real diamonds as well as wooden and plastic models.
    -The identification of imitation (fake) diamonds.
    -Structural defects and the internal structure of diamond crystals including marks, inclusions, naart, maccles and stress.
    -Optical, mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical properties of diamond crystals.
    -The study of impurity centres in rough diamond crystals, their cause and effect.
    -How to select diamonds for fancy shapes, determining their ultimate form whilst in the rough stage.
    -How to determine colour in diamonds, both natural and artificial, and its effect on buying and selling.
    -How to select and sort rough diamonds for purity, colour, size, shape and any unusual qualities.
    -How to determine whether a whole rough diamond is to be cleaved, sawed or retained as is.
    -Classification of rough gems and industrial diamonds.
    -Use of a polariscope when analyzing stress and strain within the internal molecular structure of rough diamonds.
    -Sketching of rough diamonds pinpointing impurities within the diamond.
    -Use of a Moe gauge to estimate weight recovery as well as estimating weight recovery percentages.
    -Pricing of rough diamonds using the Rapaport Polished Diamond Price List and the ADTEC Rough Diamond Guideline Price List.
    -Use of OGI planning scanner & computer.

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