Colleges and Universities Offering Rough Diamond Polishing and Cutting Course in South Africa

  • Course Name: Rough Diamond Polishing and Cutting Course(Rough Diamond Polishing and Cutting )
  • Major Subject: Rough Diamond Polishing and Cutting
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Rough Diamond Polishing and Cutting Course

  •  Diamond Education College, Boulevard  
    Duration: 6 months

    Tuition fees: R 42,000

    Course Outline:
    -The correct use of tools and equipment used for processing diamonds;
    -The setting up a bench and level a scaiffe for polishing diamonds;
    -Techniques on maintenance and balancing of all cutting equipment to ensure top performance for a high standard of work;
    -How to look and identify the grain on different crystal shapes;
    -How to look and identify the crystal symmetry, axis, plane, form and habit of diamond crystals;
    -How to judge and what to look in determining a fine made round brilliant diamond;
    -How to use the 10X cutters loupe, crown and pavilion gauges, girdle marker, mounting and setting of diamonds in various pots;
    -How to use both mechanical and semi-automatic tangs and dops;
    -The correct use of the loupe to identify imperfections and determine the practibility of their removal in elementary procedures;
    -Learning the difference in brilliance as a result of proportions and the qualities required for a well cut diamond;
    -The blocking a diamond, both crown and pavilion;
    -Cutting crown facets on angle and equidistant from table to girdle, how to measure a table for percentage size;
    -Making all mains on crown into a perfect square of 90 degrees and making the in-between facets (bezels);
    -Cutting the pavilion mains and in-between facets on angle and matching them to the top mains by following the plumb line;
    -Knowledge of the critical angle for both crown and pavilion and variation of table size for maximum brilliance;
    -Brillianteering a diamond, putting the remaining facets on both crown and pavilion;

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