Colleges and Universities Offering PhD in Reproductive Health in Ethiopia

  • Course Name: PhD in Reproductive Health()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Doctorate Courses

Institutions Offering PhD in Reproductive Health

  • University of Gondar University of Gondar, Gondar  
    Course Entry Requirements:
    1.Previous degree
    Applicants to the PhD in Reproductive Health program must have a master's degree with thesis. The applicants previous field of study (master’s program) should be MPH in Reproductive Health, MSc in Reproductive Health, MSc in Maternity Nursing, MSc in Clinical Midwifery, Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN), general MPH, MSc in Child health and Pediatric Nursing, MSc in Neonatology, Pediatrics specialty, MPH and MSc in any other health sciences. Candidates with master's degrees in fields other than MPH in Reproductive Health, MSc in Reproductive Health, MSc in Maternity Nursing, MSc in Clinical Midwifery, Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN), general MPH, must take pre-requisite/bridge courses or have taken an equivalent course accordingly. The pre-request/bridge courses are maternal health, neonatal and child health, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, and family planning. Of which, a PhD applicant should accordingly take all the bridge courses in the first year and must earn a minimum "B" grade. If an applicant might took bridge course/s online or in other universities where the course name might not exactly the same as we noted above, the committee will audit the course content and will accept courses which addresses at least 75% of the course content.
    2. Experiences
    Applicants with one or more years work experience with RH related field are encouraged. Though an applicant with no experience in RH related filed can apply, "year of experience" is one of the selection criteria.
    3. Language proficiency
    As the medium of instruction is English, applicants whose medium of instruction at secondary and higher education was not English would be required to produce a certificate of proficiency in English language.
    4. Statement of Purpose
    5. Letters of Recommendation
    Applicants will submit two letters of recommendation. People who have supervised the applicants in an academic, employment, or community service setting can write recommendations. At least one recommendation should be from a university professor/instructor who is familiar with applicant’s academic work.
    6. Curriculum Vitae
    The curriculum vitae (CV) should summarize the applicant's educational qualifications, include any relevant research, or work experience, and include any supporting documents. Any publications should also be listed on the CV, along with web links to where they can be accessed. Applicants must submit full degree transcripts showing individual subject results for both their Bachelor’s and Master’s (or equivalent) degrees with their application.
    7. Research Concept Note
    The PhD candidate application should be submitted by a 5-10 pages research statement.
    8. Publications
    The PhD program encourages applicants to have experiences in publishing their research work in reputable journals.
    9. Fees and Scholarships
    The university's postgraduate guidelines govern registration, tuition fees, and scholarships. The applicants or their sponsoring organizations should bear the cost of completing a thesis or dissertation.

    Course Duration: 4 years

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