Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Information Technology in Kenya

  • Course Name: Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  • Major Subject: Information Technology
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Information Technology

  •  Kenyatta University , Nairobi  
    Admission requirements

    (i) Mean grade of C (Plain) at KCSE or equivalent with C (Plain) in Mathematics and English. OR

    (ii) Mean grade of C- (Minus) at KCSE or equivalent with certificate in related field from a recognized institution.

    Tuition fees

    (i) East Africans Kshs. 52,000/- p.a.

    (ii) Non-East Africans Kshs. 65,000/- p.a.

    (iii) Statutory fees Kshs. 19,900/- p.a.

    Course content

    (i) Introduction To Information Technology

    (ii) Computers And Society

    (iii) Introduction To Computer Hardware

    (iv) Introduction To Programming
    (C Programming)

    (v) Introduction To Information Systems

    (vi) Visual Programming

    (vii) Introduction To Logic

    (viii) Introduction To System Analysis

    (ix) Introduction To Internet Technology

    (x) Introduction To Databases

    (xi) Introduction To Digital Electronics

    (xii) Networking

    (xiii) ICT Project Management

    (xiv) Object Oriented Programming

    (xv) Information Systems Management

    (xvi) Introduction To Operating System

    (xvii) Introduction To Statistics

    (xviii) Project (1 Unit)

    Course duration: Two years
  •  Regional Institute of Business Management , Nairobi  
    Minimum Requirements: C plain with C in English and Mathematics

    Course modules:
    Module 1 - 6 months
    Introduction to Computers and Principles of Operating Systems
    Computer Applications
    Information Systems Management
    Communications Skills

    Module 2 - 6 months
    Systems Analysis and Design
    Entrepreneurship Education

    Module 3 - 6 months.
    Quantitative Techniques
    Principles and Practice Management
    Data Communications

    MODULE 4-6 months
    Object Oriented programming
    Data Communication
    System Security

    Management Information Systems
    Net work Designs & Management
    Soft ware Engineering
    Web Designs and Internet Programming

    MODULE 6
    Principles and Practice of Management
    Research methods
    Minimum Entry requirements: C+ (plus) with C+ in English and Materials or
    pass in the Foundations Course
  •  Africa Nazarene University, Nairobi  
    Duration: 4 Trimesters

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -Minimum KCSE grade of C- (Minus), C plain in Maths or
    -3 credits in IGCSE or its equivalent, Or
    -Minimum GPA of 2.3 from ANU Certificate

    Course Content:
    -Concepts of computer Applications
    -Computers Fundamentals
    -Mathematics for Science
    -Professional Writing (TBA)
    -Introductions to Programming
    -Hardware and software practicum
    -Database systems
    -Data structures and algorithms
    -Web based applications
    -System Analysis and Design
    -Data Communications & Networks
    -Christian Ethics
    -Computer Project
    -Object Oriented Programming
    -Computer Graphics
    -Computer Security
    -Advanced Networking
    -Mobile Application development
  •  VisualDo Institute, Nairobi  

    -KCSE grade C-

    Duration: 1 1/2 years

    - Introduction to ICT and ethics
    - Computer applications I (Theory and Practical)
    - Structured Programming
    - Communications Skills
    - Operating System
    - Computational Mathematics
    - Entrepreneurship (Business Plan)
    - Systems Analysis & Design
    - Computer Application II (Theory and Practical)
    - Object Oriented Programme
    - Quantitative Methods
    - Visual Programming
    - Database Management Systems
    - Quantitative Methods
    - Data Communication & Networking
    - Management Information System
    - Principles & Practice of Management
    - Internet Based Programme
    - Course Specialization Project
  •  Crownways Institute, Nairobi  
    Course entry requirements
    -A mean grade of C- in KCSE

    Course duration: 1 year

    Course content
    -Research Project
    -System Analysis and design
    -Object Oriented Programming
    -DataBase Management Systems
    -Computer Applications
    -Visual Programming
    -Introduction to ICT and Ethics
    -Computer Application
    -Communication Skill
    -Structure Programming
    -Operating Systems
    -Entrepreneurship Education
    -Quantitative Methods
    -Internet Based Programming
    -Business Plan
    -Data Communication and Networking
    -Management Information System
    -Principles and Practice of Management
  •  East Africa Institute of Certified Studies, Nairobi  
    Course Overview

    -Information Communication Technology
    -Computer Applications
    -Programming: Machine & Assembly
    -Programming: High Level/System
    -Programming: Scripting/Web
    -Database Management System
    -Business Communication
    -Computer Networking and Information System Management
    -Sales and Marketing
    -Computational Mathematics
    -International Communication and Customer Care
    -Research and Project
    -Office Theory
    -Life Skills


    Course Duration: 18 months

    Exam Body: JP-UK

    Grade: C- and above
  •  Nairobi Aviation College, Nairobi  
    Career Opportunities:

    -Data Entry clerk
    -End user support
    -System Analyst
    -system developer
    -Network specialist

    Admission Requirement:

    -To be eligible for the admission into the Diploma in Information Communication technology (DICT), a candidate must satisfy any ONE of the following academic qualifications:
    -An aggregate grade of C in K.C.S.E.
    -Division Four in O-Level or Any other equivalent qualifications approved by the Kenya National Examination Council
  •  Kenya Institute of Social Work, Nairobi   
    Course entry requirements
    -Minimum qualifications are KCSE C- or KCE Division 2 or the equivalent

    Course content
    -Quantitative methods
    -Principles and Practice of Management
    -Data Communication
    -Entrepreneurship Education
    -Systems Analysis and Design
    -Introduction to Computers and Principles of operating systems
    -Computer Applications
    -Information System Management
    -Communication Skills
  •  Tsavo Institute of Technology, Voi   
    Course entry requirements
    -A mean grade of C- at KCSE

    Program duration: 2 years

    Exam body: KNEC

    Course content
    -Systems Analysis and Design
    -Quantitative Techniques
    -Data Communications
    -Trade Project Business Plan
    -Information and Communication Technology
    -Operating System
    -Computer Applications
    -Programming I
    -Programming II
  •  Meru University of Science and Technology, Meru  
    Duration: 6 semesters

    Tuition fees: Ksh. 25,000 per semester

    Minimum entry requirements:
    - An aggregate grade of C- (minus) in K.C.S.E and grades D+ (plus) in Mathematics and English OR Division II in K.C.E with a Credit pass in Mathematics and English OR Credit/distinction pass in Certificate in Information Technology or an equivalent qualification.

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