Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Tourism in Uganda

  • Course Name: Certificate in Tourism (Tourism )
  • Major Subject: Tourism
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Tourism

  •  Nkumba University, Entebbe  
    Year 1
    Semester I

    NUCTO11101 Introduction to Tourism
    NUCTO11102 East African Environment
    Product Development
    NUCTO11103 East African Flora Ecology
    NUCTO11104 Book-keeping
    NUCTO11105 Principles of Tour Operation
    NUCTO11106 Principles of Tourism
    Professional Ethics

    Semester II

    NUCTO11201 World Travel Geography
    NUCTO11202 East African Fauna Ecology
    NUCTO11203 Introduction to Computer
    NUCTO11204 Maps of Photographic
    NUCTO11205 Principles of Tour Guiding
    NUCTO11206 Customer Care

    Duration:1 year.
  •  Liberty College, Kasese  

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