Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Ministers Licensing in Canada

  • Course Name: Diploma in Ministers Licensing()
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  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Ministers Licensing

  • Shiloh College Shiloh College, Toronto  
    -Principles for Leaders in Ministry
    -What makes Ministers fall into sin
    -Church discipline
    -Spiritual burnout
    -Ministry of Counselling
    -Church Financial Management
    -Dynamics of Christian maturity – The winning Life
    -Dynamics of Christian maturity – Learning to know God intimately
    -Conducting Church services and Ceremonies
    -Exegesis – Book of Romans
    -Hermeneutics I
    -Real Faith
    -New Creation Realities I
    -Introduction to Homiletics
    -New Testament Survey II
    -Old Testament Survey II

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