Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Music Production and Technology in Kenya

  • Course Name: Certificate in Music Production and Technology(Music Production and Technology)
  • Major Subject: Music Production and Technology
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Music Production and Technology

  •  Ovotox College, Nairobi  
    Course duration: 2 years

    Course content
    -Hardware requirements for DAW-based music production (computers, audio/MIDI equipment, storage, etc.)
    -Microphone theory (transducer types, polar patterns, phantom power, pre-amps)
    -File management
    -Audio and MIDI editing concepts
    -Rendered and real-time signal processors with particular emphasis on EQ, compressors and reverbs
    -Critical listening skill
    -A brief history of music production
    -Audio concepts including frequency, amplitude, phase, compression, rarefaction, signal: noise ratio, transduction, analog/digital conversion, sample rate, bit depth as applied to production.
    -MIDI concepts including MIDI protocol, MIDI messages and basic synthesis
    -Signal flow in the Digital Audio Workstation and within production software
  •  Maseno University, Maseno  
    Minimum entry requirements:
    - KCSE Mean Grade D+ with D in Mathematics and English
  •  Wates Music Concept, Athi River  

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