Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Computer Applications(Computer Applications) in South Africa

  • Course Name: Certificate in Computer Applications(Computer Applications)
  • Major Subject: Computer Applications
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Computer Applications(Computer Applications)

  • Damelin Correspondence College, Johannesburg  
    1. End User Computing
    Duration: 18 months

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -Grade 10 (Std. 8) or NQF 1 End User Computing, or NQF 2 Further Education and Training qualification, or equivalent, or verifiable relevant working experience (1 year).

    Modules Overview:
    -Using ICT in the organisation
    -Word processing
    -Mathematical literacy
    -Using a Web browser

    2. DCC Introduction to PCs (Windows 10) Certificate
    Duration: 18 months

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -This programme is designed for any worker, business professional or individual who needs to acquire knowledge of operating systems and file management skills.

    Modules Overview:
    -Get started with Windows 10
    -Navigate the Windows 10 desktop
    -Use the Start menu
    -Use desktop applications
    -Use Windows universal apps
    -Multitask with open apps
    -Install apps from Windows store
    -Use desktop applications
    -Use Windows universal apps
    -Multitask with open apps
    -Install apps from Windows store
    -Manage files and folders with file explorer
    -Store and share files with OneDrive
    -Get to know Cortana
    -Use Cortana as a personal assistant
    -Browse the web with Edge
    -Customize the start menu
    -Customize the Desktop and lock screen
    -Manage printers
    -Manage peripheral devices
    -Manage passwords and privacy levels
    -Use Windows Defender
    -Identify components of a PC
    -Use file history
    -Repair your system

    3. DCC Introduction to Wireless Communication Certificate
    Duration: 18 months

    Modules Overview:
    -Wireless Communication
    -Radio Communication
    -Microwave Communication
    -Wireless Personal Area Networks
    -Wireless Local Area Networks
    -Cellular Communication
    -Global System for Mobile Communication
    -Code Division Multiple Access Systems
    -Wireless Data Access Technologies
    -Wireless Radio Systems
    -Satellite Networks
    -Emerging Trends in Wireless Communication

    4. DCC Introduction to Cloud Computing Certificate
    Duration: 12 months

    Modules Overview:
    -Introducing Cloud Computing
    -Differentiating Cloud Services
    -Integrating Cloud Services
    -Identifying Risks and Risk Mitigation Measures
  • Boston City Campus and Business College, Johannesburg  
    Course name: Computer Clerk

    Course content

    (i) Keyboarding*

    (ii) Introduction to PC**

    (iii) General Office Practice**

    (iv) Windows**

    (v) Understanding the Internet**

    (vi) Outlook**

    (vii) Word Processing**

    (viii) Word Processing Advanced**

    (ix) Spreadsheets**

    (x) Spreadsheets Advanced**

    Course requirements

    (i) Grade 10 Certificate; or National Certificate (Vocational) L2; or equivalent qualification OR

    (ii) Alternatively Learners can apply for RPL entry into the programme from the Academic Committee at Boston Head Office.

    Course duration: One year
  • Brooklyn City College, Pretoria  
    Duration: 1 year

    Minimum entry requirement:
    Grade 12 (NCS) Certificate/an equivalent NQF L4 qualification

    Modules Overview:
    Introduction to Computer
    Typing Skills & Speed
    Ms Word
    Ms Excel
    Ms Power Point
    Ms Access
    Computer Operating Systems
    Programming (Visual Basics)
    Basic HTML
    Business Communication
    Basic Mathematical Literacy
    Internet and Email
    Introduction to Computer Networking
    Basic PC Technician
    Understanding Virus and Computer Services
    Project Management
    Basic knowledge of HIV AIDS

    Tuition fees: R12,889.00
  • SA Institute of Commerce and Technology, Rustenburg  
    Duration: 6 months

    Modules Overview:
    Introduction to ICT
    Windows Applications
    Word Processing (MS Word)
    Spreadsheets (Excel)
    Presentation Graphics (PowerPoint)
    Internet (Explorer)

  • Pow Academy, Durban   
    Course content:

    (i) Introduction to computers

    (ii) Foundation Literacy

    (iii) Internet and Email

    (iv) Graphic Design

    (v) Call Centre course
  • INTEC College, Cape Town  
    Duration: 12 months

    Minimum entry requirement:
    Grade 9 (Std. 7) or equivalent or relevant work experience.
  • Durban Computer College, Durban  
    Duration: 6 months

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