Colleges and Universities Offering Master of Arts in Theology in Ethiopia

  • Course Name: Master of Arts in Theology(Theology)
  • Major Subject: Theology
  • Course Category: Masters Courses

Institutions Offering Master of Arts in Theology

  • Mekane Yesus Seminary Mekane Yesus Seminary, Addis Ababa  
    Course entry requirements:
    (i) Admission on common academic standard grounds
    All the candidates of this program shall be graduates of the Bachelor’s Degree of Theology from a recognized and accredited theological institution with 2.75 GPA or higher.Without this GPA and clearer recommendations of the sending church bodies, candidates cannot be registered for the entrance exam. All the MA candidates shall take an entrance exam, which aims at helping the students develop their written and spoken English language skills so that they may be reckoned as capable of reading, writing, and dialogic requirements of the MA level of study. The entrance exams shall be conducted in the month of August.

    (ii) Admission on special conditions or on mature entry status
    As the MA program strives to meet the ACTEA Standards, it admits some students in a Mature Entry Status following the ACTEA’s guidelines. Students considered in this condition are those whose Cumulative GPA Points of the previous level of study do not meet the minimum required GPA for MA candidacy, but who demonstrate maturity of age, rich experience of ministry and who bring a strong recommendation from their sending body. This kind of entry shall be offered only to those who have been serving in the church or church units and strongly recommended by their churches or units to upgrade their qualification; and reckoned to be faithful to return and serve the church. The candidates of this condition shall participate in all admission processes and fulfill all the above indicated admission criterion, except for the GPA criterion

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