Colleges and Universities Offering Passenger Ground Services Course in Nigeria

  • Course Name: Passenger Ground Services Course()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Passenger Ground Services Course

  • Lagos Aviation Academy Lagos Aviation Academy, Lagos  
    Course Outline/Content:
    - Introduction to airport and airline operations
    - Dangerous Goods regulations awareness for passenger service agents
    - Passenger and Baggage check-in procedures
    - Conditions of passenger and baggage carriage, boarding and disembarking procedures
    - Travel formalities
    - Decoding airline, airport and city codes
    - Types of airports
    - Aviation security procedures for passenger and baggage transport
    - Enhanced passenger facilitation, latest innovations and career opportunities

    Course Study Duration: 5 Days

    The course is suitable for:
    - Ground Handling Agents’ passenger services staff
    - Airline passenger service staff
    - Airport operators’ staff providing passenger services
    - Civil Aviation Authorities’ staff providing passenger services
    - Individuals wishing to begin a career as a Passenger Service Agent

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