Colleges and Universities Offering Advanced Diploma Maritime Management in Zambia

  • Course Name: Advanced Diploma Maritime Management()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Advanced Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Advanced Diploma Maritime Management

  •  Wansanje Travel and Tourism institute, Lusaka  
    Entry requirements:

    (i)If you have academic or professional training after leaving school(e.g diploma), you should scan and attach copies of the certificates if you need them to support your application.
    (ii)You need to scan and attach either a copy of your passport or National Registration Card (NRC) or any form of identification (not must at entry, can be submitted later).
    (iii)You need to scan and attach a letter from your sponsor confirming that they are willing to sponsor you for the course at Wansanje Travel and Tourism Institute (again not a must at entry for you can submit it later).

    Academic qualification for selection:
    -GCE with passes in 3 subjects.

    ICM single subject diploma:
    -Qualifications are also offered as professional award at the institution upon applying for it in any of the courses offered at the college.

    Mode of study:

    -Full time.
    -Part time.

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