Colleges and Universities Offering Master of Community Planning in Canada

  • Course Name: Master of Community Planning()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Masters Courses

Institutions Offering Master of Community Planning

  •  Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo  
    Course Duration: 2 Years

    Course Entry Requirements:
    A minimum average of "B" calculated in the last two years of the undergraduate degree, with a review of the entire degree.
    Applicants whose previous degree was obtained in a country where English is not the primary/official language and from a university where English was not the language of instruction must meet one of VIU’s English Language requirements for Graduate Programs.
    - Acceptance and satisfactory review of the following items by the Admissions Committee:
    - Résumé
    - Three letters of reference (from academic or professional referees) as well as a statement of interest addressing each of the following areas:
    - Areas of research interest;
    - Statement of career interest; and
    - Statement of volunteer and/or career experience.

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