Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Business Administration in Mauritius

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Business Administration(Business Administration)
  • Major Subject: Business Administration
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Business Administration

  •  Charles Telfair Campus Mauritius, Moka  
    Course Study Duration: 3 academic years(6 semesters)

    Minimum Course Entry Requirements:
    - Satisfy the minimum academic entry requirements
    - Meet the minimum English competency level or
    - Recognition of prior learning is assessed on an individual basis.

    Application Procedure:
    - Students must complete the prescribed application forms available at our Future Student Centre and should submit relevant copies of the following documents:
    Copies of education qualifications
    Two passport-size photographs
    Copy of National Identity Card and Birth Certificate
    (The originals of all the above documents for certification purposes are needed)

    Course Outline:

    YEAR 1
    MGT101 Introduction to Management
    COM101 Contemporary Business Communication
    ECO101 Introduction to Business Economics
    PDC101 Planning & Developing My Career in Business
    ACC102 Principles of Accounting
    MCB102 Marketing Function & Consumer Behaviour
    OB102 Organisational Behaviour
    LMT102 Leadership, Motivation & Teams

    YEAR 2
    HRM201 Human Resource Management & Workforce Planning
    LIR201 Corporate Law and Industrial Relations
    MIT201 Managing Information Technology & Systems
    ORM202 Operations and Risk Management
    FIN202 Principles of Finance
    MCA202 Managerial and Cost Accounting
    CIB202 Contemporary Issues in Business

    YEAR 3
    PM301 Project Management
    IEE301 Business Innovation, Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
    SML301 Strategic Management & Leadership
    FM301 Financial Management
    BRP300 Business Research Project
    WIL300 Stepping into the Workplace
    LAD302 Lean Analytics & Digital Tools for Business
    CAP302 Business Capstone
    LPP302 Leadership Priorities & Practices
  •  YK Business School (YKBS), Highlands  
    Entry Requirements:

    -Either a Pass in 3 subjects at A level and 1 subject at Subsidiary level at HSC
    -Pass in 2 subjects at A level and 2 subject at Subsidiary level at HSC
    -Pass in 3 Subject at A level at the London General Certificate.

    Career Opportunities:
    -BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
    -General Manager
    -Public Service Administrator
    -Functional Manager

    Duration: 3 years

    Course Outline:

    Year 1
    Semester 1
    -Introduction to Business Management
    -Economics 1A
    -End User Computing
    -Business Mathematics

    Semester 2
    -Introduction to Functional Areas of Management
    -Economics 1B
    -Business Communication
    -Financial Reporting and Analysis

    Year 2
    Semester 1
    -Organisational Leadership
    -Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
    -Business and Society
    -Management Accounting

    Semester 2
    -Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses
    -Information Systems
    -Business Statistics

    Year 3
    Semester 1
    -Financial Planning and Control
    -Global Business and Strategy
    -Ethics and Conflict
    -Organisational Diversity

    Semester 2
    -Project Management
    -Operations Management for Sustainability
    -The Business Environment and Ethics
    -Strategic Management Practices

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