Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Business Administration in Somalia

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Business Administration(Business Administration)
  • Major Subject: Business Administration
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Business Administration

  •  Plasma University, Mogadishu  
    Courses available

    (i) Recreation and Sports Management

    (ii) Leisure and Hospitality Management

    (iii) Economics and Econometrics

    (iv) Logistics and Supply Management

    (v) Islamic Banking and Finance

    (vi) General Management

    (vii) Human Resource Management

    (viii) Accounting

    Course entry requirements

    -Have completed secondary school & attained a minimum Grade mark of 70% in his/her certificate of secondary school examination
    -Must pass the university entrance exams, both the written & the oral exams.
  •  Unicaf University,Somalia, Mogadishu  
    Course entry requirements

    -High School Leaving Certificate or equivalent.
    -Applicants with a Diploma or Advanced Diploma may be considered for entry.
    -Applicants with a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in a relevant area may be considered for credit transfer.
    -Applicants who do not meet the minimum academic requirements but who have at least 2 years relevant post secondary professional experience may be considered for entry
    -English proficiency.

    Course duration: 4 years
  •  Puntland State University, Garowe   
    Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance

    Course entry requirements

    -All applicants for undergraduate admission must submit legitimate high school/secondary school completion certificates, 2 passport size photos and Birth Certificate to the PSU Admissions Office.

    -In addition, qualified applicants must also pass the PSU entrance examination to gain admission to the university programmes.
  •  The Islamic University,Somalia, Mogadishu   
    For admission, applicants are required to have met the following:
    -The applicant must be a holder of a secondary school certificate or its equivalent.
    -The applicant must have a good conduct and manners.
    -The applicant must pass an admission test.
    -The applicant must be in good health.
    -The applicant must fulfill any other terms or conditions set by the University Board.
  •  City University of Mogadishu, Mogadishu  
    Specialization options:

    (i) Marketing

    (ii) Human Resources Management

    (iii) Accounting

    (iv) Banking and Finance

    Course entry requirements

    (i) Evidence of the successful completion of Secondary Education.

    (ii) A passing grade of the City University Entrance Exam.

    Course duration: 4 years
  •  Mustaqbal University, Mogadishu  
    Course entry requirements

    (i) Be not younger than 18 years of age.
    (ii) Submit secondary leaving certificate with minimum average marks of not less than 60% from recognized school and umbrella and passed the Somali Government centralized exam.
    (iii) Successfully pass the university entrance examination

    Program duration: 4 years
  •  Simad University, Mogadishu  
    Course entry requirements

    (i) Completion of secondary school with a minimum overall average of 70% for boys and 65% for girls
    (ii) Should bring the original and a copy of secondary school certificate
    (iii) Should successfully pass an admission interview and/or test

    Course duration: 4 years
  •  Jobkey University, Mogadishu  
    Course entry requirements

    (i) Should bring secondary certificate one copy and original

    (ii) Should pass the test and interview

    Tuition fees: $ 210 per semester

    Program duration: 3 years
  •  Capital University, Mogadishu  
    Admission criteria

    -Must have completed Secondary school
    -Must have attained a minimum pass mark of secondary school certificate
    -Should successfully pass the interview or admission test
  •  Darul Hikmah University , Mogadishu  
    Course entry requirements

    -Passing written and oral entrance examinations

    Course duration: 4 years

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