Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Fashion Design and Clothing Technology in South Africa

  • Course Name: Diploma in Fashion Design and Clothing Technology(Fashion Design and Clothing Technology)
  • Major Subject: Fashion Design and Clothing Technology
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Fashion Design and Clothing Technology

  • LISOF College LISOF College, Pretoria  
    Program electives

    (a) Elective in Fashion Design

    (i) Computer Literacy & Design 01

    (ii) Creative Design 01

    (iii) Historical Fashion Studies 01

    (iv) Garment Construction 01

    (v) Pattern Design 01

    (vi) Textiles & Fashion 01

    (vii) Trend Analysis 01

    (viii) Technical Drawing 01

    (ix) Entrepreneurship & Innovation 01

    (b) Elective in Fashion Design

    (i) Computer Literacy & Design 01

    (ii) Fashion Writing & Analysis 01

    (iii) Fashion Media 01

    (iv) Historical Fashion Studies 01

    (v) Make-Up 01

    (vi) Marketing & Brand Management 01

    (vii) Styling 01

    (viii) Trend Analysis 01

    (ix) Visual Merchandising 01

    Entry requirements

    (i) National Senior Certificate or equivalent with access to Diploma Studies. (Minimum achievement rating of ‘3’ [40 – 49%] in four or more NCS subjects + Life Orientation)

    (ii) National Certificate Vocational (minimum achievement of 60% in three fundamental subjects i.e. Group A Fundamental Component [including the language of learning and teaching] + at least 70% in four compulsory vocational subjects i.e. Group B Vocational Component)

    (iii) Mature age exemption: Admission granted to students older than 23 years with relevant work experience with a National Senior Certificate (via RPL)

    (iv) Candidates can apply to the institution for admission via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    (v) If you have completed parts of a cognate learning programme at another registered and accredited institution and wish to be considered for credit transfer, a credit accumulation and transfer (CAT) application must be submitted

    (vi) International student entry requirements: School leaving certificate must be graded through SAQA – we require a minimum of NQF level 4 with access to Diploma studies to enter this programme


    (i) Design elective-R 84 000

    (ii) Media elective-R 85 400

    Course duration: 3 years
  • Studio 05 Institute of Fashion  Studio 05 Institute of Fashion , Johannesburg  
    Course structure

    (i) Design Illustration 1

    (ii) Visual Studies

    (iii) Pattern Construction 1

    (iv) Garment Construction 1

    (v) Fashion Buying

    (vi) Business Management

    (vii) Entrepreneurship

    (viii) Communication

    (x) Life Skills

    (xi) Design Practical 2

    (xii) Pattern Construction 2

    (xiii) Garment Construction 2

    (xiv) Pattern Grading 1

    (xv) Computer Aided Design 1

    (xvi) Fashion Branding

    (xvii) Manufacturing Industry

    (xviii) Production Standards

    (xix) Material Handling

    (xx) Quality Management

    (xxi) Production Health and Safety

    (xxii) Communication

    (xxiii) Design Practical 3

    (xxiv) Engineering Pattern

    (xxv) Engineering Garment

    (xxvi) Pattern Grading 2

    (xxvii) Production System

    (xxviii) Source Material & Handling System

    (xxix) Clothing Quality Systems

    (xxx) Manage Maintenance Policy

    (xxxi) Computer Aided Design 2

    Entry requirements

    (i) National Senior Certificate

    (ii) Matric Certificate

    Course duration: 3 years
  • Villioti Fashion Institute  Villioti Fashion Institute , Johannesburg  
    Course content

    (i) Design Concepts 1

    (ii) Visual Studies 1

    (iii) Business Studies & Management 1

    (iv) Pattern Engineering 1

    (v) Garment Construction 1

    (vi) Finishing Techniques

    (vii) Fabric Manipulation & Textiles

    (viii) History of Fashion 1

    (ix) Work Integrated Learning 1

    (x) Design Concepts 2

    (xi) Visual Studies 2

    (xii) Business Studies & Management 2

    (xiii) Pattern Engineering 2

    (xiv) Garment Construction and Finishing

    (xv) History of Fashion 2

    (xvi) Trend Forecasting 1

    (xvii) Work Integrated Learning 2

    (xviii) Design Concepts 3

    (xix) Visual Studies 3

    (xx) Business Studies & Management 3

    (xxi) Fashion Events

    (xxii) Millinery

    (xxiii) Styling

    (xxiv) Work-Integrated Learning 3

    Entry requirements

    National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) or its same/similar standard – with endorsement – with a minimum of 30% in English, together with an achievement rating of 3 (40-49%) or better in four recognized NSC 20-credit subjects

    Fees: R68 245

    Course duration: 3 years
  • Cape Town College of Fashion Design (CTCFD) Cape Town College of Fashion Design (CTCFD), Cape Town   
    Course structure

    (i) Fashion Design I

    (ii) Garment Construction I

    (iii) Pattern Design I

    (iv) History of Design I

    (v) Business Studies I

    (vi) Clothing Production I

    (vii) Textiles I

    (viii) Digital Fashion Application I

    (ix) Fashion Design II

    (x) Garment Construction II

    (xi) Pattern Design II

    (xii) Contemporary Fashion

    (xiii) History I

    (ix) Business Studies II

    (x) Retail Management I

    (xi) Textiles II

    (xii) Digital Fashion Application II

    (xiii) Fashion Design III

    (xiv) Garment Construction III

    (xv) Pattern Design III

    (xvi) Contemporary Fashion

    (xvii) History II

    (xvii) Business Studies III

    (xviii) Fashion Buying

    (xix) Principles I

    (xx) Brand Design I

    (xxi) Experiential Learning I

    (xxii) Digital Fashion Application III

    Elective modules:
    (i) Costume Design I

    (ii) Fashion Styling I

    Course requirements

    A National Senior Certificate, or its
    international equivalent.

    Course duration: 3 years
  • Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design, Stellenbosch  
    Course requirements

    (i) Applicants must be older than 18 years of age at registration

    (ii) National Senior Certificate (NSC) at NQF level 4 issued by Umalusi OR

    (iii) National Certificate (Vocational) (NCV) level 4 issued by Umalusi OR

    (iv) Grade 12 or recognized equivalent qualification certified by Umalusi or an international equivalent
    examination board.

    (v) Applicants of 23 years and above who do not meet the admission requirements may also be admitted
    based upon their workplace experience and Academy-specific entrance assessments and interviews

    Course duration: 3 years

    Mode of study: full time
  • Brooklyn City College Brooklyn City College, Pretoria  
    Minimum entry requirement:
    A Senior Certificate or an approximate national certificate N3 or a national senior certificate or an equivalent qualification..

    1. N4 1 year
    2. N5-N6 1 Year

    Modules Overview:
    N4-N6: Clothing Construction, Pattern Construction, Fashion Drawing, Entrepreneurship, Business Management

    Tuition fees:
    1. N4= R13,788.00
    2. N5-N6= R10,788.00

    Exam Fee: R100 per Semester
  • Rand Training College Rand Training College, Johannesburg  
    Course Structure:
    1. N4
    -Introductory Fashion Drawing
    -Introductory Clothing Construction
    -Introductory Pattern Construction
    -Entrepreneurship & Business Management
    -Introductory to Computer Practice
    -Management Communication

    2. N5
    -Entrepreneurship & Business Management
    -Pattern Construction
    -Fashion Drawing
    -Clothing Construction

    3. N6
    -Fashion Design
    -Pattern Construction
    -Pattern Drawing
  • Vaal University of Technology Vaal University of Technology, Vanderbijlpark  
    Duration: 3 years

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -English level 4
    -Mathematics level 4
    -Physical Science level 4
    -Any other 3 vocational subjects

    Modules Overview:
    -Fashion Design 1,
    -Fashion Illustration 1,
    -Garment Construction and Pattern Engineering 1,
    -Fashion Theory 1,
    -Computer Aided Design 1,
    -Textiles 1,
    -Applied Communication Skills 1 and EDL.
  • Jabu's Academy of Fashion Design Jabu's Academy of Fashion Design, Durban   
    Course content

    (i) Sewing

    (ii) Designing

    (iii) Pattern cutting

    (iv) Pattern grading

    (v) Catering and baking

    (vi) Interior decoration

    (vii) Style interpretation

    Course duration: 2 years
  • Rostec FET College Rostec FET College, Johannesburg  
    Fees: R6,900

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