Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Human Resource Management in Kenya

  • Course Name: Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  • Major Subject: Human Resource Management
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Human Resource Management

  •  Kenyatta University , Nairobi  
    Admission requirements

    (i) A holder of KCSE C (plain) or its equivalent or

    (ii) A holder of KCE Division III or its equivalent or

    (iii) A holder of KACE with One Principal and One Subsidiary or

    (iv) Mean grade of C- (minus) at KCSE with a certificate in the relevant area from a recognized institution.

    Course duration: 2 years

    Course content

    (i) Employee Compensation

    (ii) Marketing Management

    (iii) Industrial and Commercial Law

    (iv) Supplies Management

    (v) Organization Development

    (vi) Governance and Ethics

    (vii) Fundamentals of Research Methods

    (viii) Labour Legislation

    (ix) Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

    (x) Industrial Attachment OR BSU051: Project (2 Units)

    (xi) Information and Communication Technology

    (xii) Personnel Policies

    (xiii) Philosophy of Human Resource Development

    (xiv) Organisation Behaviour

    (xv) Quantitative Methods

    (xvi) Industrial Relations

    (xvii) Labour Economics

    (a) Tuition Fees : Sh.72,000.00

    (b) Statutory Fees: Sh.21,500.00

    (c) Fee per Annum : Sh.93,500.00
  •  East Africa Institute of Certified Studies, Nairobi  
    Course Outline:

    Module I
    Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
    Occupational Safety & Precautions
    ICT Practical
    Business Plan
    Business Law
    Financial Accounting
    Life Skills
    Communication Skills
    Information Communication Technology
    Office Administration and Management
    Business English

    Module II
    Theory & Practice of Human Resource Management
    Labour Law
    Quantitative Methods
    Human and Public Relations
    Human Resource Development
    Principles and Practice of Marketing
    Public Relations
    Labor & Industrial Law

    Module III
    Organization Theory and Behavior
    Managerial Accounting
    Labour and Industrial Relations
    Market Research
    Financial Management
    Project (Trade Project)
    Accounting and Control
    Reward Management
    Labour Economics
    Principles and Practice of Management
    Employee Relations
    Market Research

    Course Duration: 24 months

    Exam Body: KNEC

    Grade: C- and Above
  •  Kenya Institute of Social Work, Nairobi   
    Course entry requirements
    -Minimum qualifications are KCSE C plain or KCE Div. 2 or the equivalent
    -Certificate in Community development, Social development, Social work, Community Health, Counseling and Psychology.
    -Course open to Beginners, Human Resource Assistants, Project managers and Fresh students

    Course duration: 3 years

    Exam body: KNEC

    Course content
    -Accounting And Control
    -Introduction To Counseling At Workplace
    -Organizational Behaviour
    -Strategic Human Resource Management
    -Public Relations
    -Quantitative Methods
    -Labour And Industrial Relations
    -Basic Mathematics
    -Project (Total Supervisory Unit)
    -Social Research Methods.
    -Theory And Practice Of Human Resource Management
    -Labour And Industrial Law
    -Foundations Of Human Resource Management
    -Office Administration And Management
    -Principles And Practice Of Management
    -English Language
    -Information Communication Technology
  •  Kiriri Women's University of Science and Technology, Nairobi  

    DHR I
    DAC 1501 Financial Accounting
    DBA 1101 Business Law
    DBA 1102 Economics
    DCU 1001 Communication Skills
    DCU 1002 Lifeskills
    DCU 1003 Entrepreneurship Development
    DCU 1007 Information Communication Technology & Ethics
    DHR 1003 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

    DHR II
    DBA 1104 Quantitative Analysis
    DBA 1107 Business Law
    DBA 1109 Office Administration & Management
    DBA 1302 Labour Economics
    DHR 1110 Labour Law
    DHR 1201 Human & Public Relations
    DHR 1501 Human Resources Development
    DMT 1303 Principles & Practices of Marketing

    DAC 1503 Managerial Accounting
    DBA 1008 Financial Management
    DBA 1103 Principles of Management
    DCU 1005 Trade Projects
    DCU 1008 Research Methodology
    DHR 1106 Employee Relations
    DHR 1106 Organisation Theory & Behaviour
    DHR 1111 Reward Management

    DHR IV
    DCU 1006 Industrial Attachment
  •  Machakos Institute of Technology, Machakos  


    DHRM 4701: Foundations of Human Resource Management
    DHRM 4702: Office Administration and Management
    DHRM 4703: Information Communication Technology
    DHRM 4704: Communication Skills
    DHRM 4705: Entrepreneurship/Business plan


    DHRM 4706: Quantitative methods
    DHRM 4707: Theory and Practice of Human Resource Management
    DHRM 4708: Labour and Industrial Law

    DHRM 4709: Principles and practice of management
    DHRM 4711: Labour and Industrial Relations
    DHRM 4712: Organizational Behaviour
    DHRM 4713: Accounting and Control
    DHRM 4714: Economics
  •  The Kenya Institute Of Management, Nairobi  
    Course entry requirements
    (i) Module I
    - KCSE Mean grade C-; with D+ in English and Maths/Accounting/Business Studies/Economics/Commerce

    - Division II in KCE

    - One Principal Pass at the KACE

    - Completion of KNQA Level 5

    - A certificate of experimental learning issued by KNQA

    - University students

    (ii) Module II
    - A degree from a recognized institution

    Module III
    - Progression from Module II

    - No direct admission

    Module IV
    All students are expected to:

    - Write a research project in the area of specialization (6 months)

    - Participate in attachment process (8 - 12 weeks)

    Course duration: 24 months
  •  Africa Nazarene University, Nairobi  
    Duration: 4 Trimesters

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -C (Plain) or C- (C minus) plus a Certificate in HRM

    Course Content:
    -Basic Mathematics
    -Concepts of computer applications
    -Professional Writing
    -Human Resource Management
    -Training and Development
    -Financial Accounting
    -Christian Ethics
    -Research Methods
    -Business Law
    -Organizational Behavior
    -Employee Relations
    -Business statistics for Managers
    -Recruitment and Selection
    -Performance Appraisal and Management
    -Change Management
    -Human Resource Mgt Research Project
  •  Rift Valley Institute of Business Studies, Nakuru  
    Module I
    Duration: 9 months
    Examination Body: KNEC
    Termly Fees: 11,700
    Entry Requirements: C-
    Mode of Study: Full time, Part time, Distance, Online

    Module II
    Duration: 6 months
    Examination Body: KNEC
    Termly Fees: 14,700
    Entry Requirements: Pass in Module I
    Mode of Study: Full time, Part time, Distance, Online

    Module III
    Duration: 6 months
    Examination Body: KNEC
    Termly Fees: 17,700
    Entry Requirements: Pass in Module II
    Mode of Study: Full time, Part time, Distance, Online
  •  University of Kabianga, Kericho  
    Minimum entry requirements:
    1. Minimum grade C (Plain) at KCSE level with at least C- in English/Kiswahili and D+ in Mathematics or Accounting, Economics, Commerce and Business Studies
    2. A bridging certificate with at least C- and D+ in English and Mathematics, from University of Kabianga, KNEC or National Polytechnics may be used to substitute English and Mathematics respectively. A-level qualifications with at least subsidiary pass.
    3. Any business certificate awarded by University of Kabianga or KNEC
  •  Africa International University, Nairobi  
    Duration: 2 years

    Course Overview:
    -Computer Systems and Information Technology
    -Foundations of Life and Mission
    -Library Research and Information Competency
    -Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
    -Financial Accounting
    -Business Law
    -Financial Management
    -Human and Public Relations
    -Labour Law and Industrial Relations
    -Human Resource Development and Reward Management
    -Office Administration and Management
  •  PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute, Nairobi  
    (a) Module I

    Admission criteria
    -A mean grade of C- in KCSE

    Program duration: 6 months

    Intake: January/May

    (b) Module II

    Course entry requirements
    -Pass in Module I/Pass in Craft Module II

    Course duration: 6 months

    Intake: January/May

    (c) Module III

    Course entry requirements
    -Pass in Module II

    Program duration: 6 months

    Intake: January/May
  •  Jeremiah Nyagah Technical Institute, Embu  
    (i) Module I

    Course entry requirements
    -A mean grade of C- and above in KCSE with C- in Maths, English, or a Certificate in Human Resource Management.

    (ii) Module II

    Course entry requirements
    -Craft certificate Pass OR pass in Module I

    (iii) Module III

    Course entry requirements
    -Pass in Module II

    Intake: January/May

    Mode of study: Modular

    Exam body: KNEC
  •  College of Human Resource Management (CHRM), Nairobi  
    Course entry requirements
    -A mean grade of C- and above in KCSE or
    - Certificate of HRM by KNEC

    Program duration: 3 modules

    Exam body: KNEC


    Mode of study
    (i) Evening- 5:30pm – 8.30 pm-Evening Daily
    (ii) Saturday- 8:30 am – 4.30 pm- Saturday
    (iii) Full time - 8:30am – 4.30 pm-Weekdays Daily
    (iv) Sunrise-6:30am – 8.30 am- Weekdays Daily
  •  Coast Institute of Technology, Voi  
    Course details:
    Module 1
    -Human resource management
    -Information communication technology
    -Office Administration and management (OAM)

    -Human resource management
    -Public relations
    -Quantitative methods
    -Industrial and labour law

    -Labour and industrial relations
    -Organisational theory and behaviour
    -Accounting and control
  •  Uwezo College, Machakos  
    Minimum Requirements:
    KCSE: C- and above

    Exam Body:

    Course Content:
    -Foundation of human resource management
    -Office administration and management
    -Theory & Practice of Human resource Management
    -Labour & Industrial law
    -Legal aspect in Sales & marketing
    -Quantitative methods
    -Public relation

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