Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Human Resource Management in Namibia

  • Course Name: Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  • Major Subject: Human Resource Management
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Human Resource Management

  • Goldstone Software Engineering Institution Goldstone Software Engineering Institution, Windhoek  
    (i) Level 5

    Course entry requirements

    -Possession of certificate NQF4 or equivalent from an accredited institution . Entry Requirements for programmes starting at Diploma Level is Grade 12 with 22 points and E in English. minimum. Candidates with less than 18 points will have to enroll for certificate level first.
    -Mature Age Entry – 23 years. Prior learning may be considered in this case.

    Course duration: 2

    (ii) Level 6

    Course entry requirements
    -A diploma NQF5 or equivalent. If the candidate does not meet any of the above-mentioned requirements, the Executive Committee or the Managing Director may interview the candidate for admission. Prior learning may be considered in this case

    Course duration: 3 years

    Mode of delivery
  • International Training College  International Training College , Windhoek  
    Course entry requirements
    -At least 17 points in Grade 12 or the equivalent thereof.
    -Ability to express themselves clearly and correctly both orally and in writing in English.
    -Ability to apply numerical skills, including basic arithmetic (Add, Subtract, Divide and Multiply)

    Course duration: 3 years

    Course content
    -Industrial Relations 2
    -Management of Training 2
    -Internship Project
    -Business Management 3
    -Human Resource Management 3
    -Business Management 2
    -Human Resource Management 2
    -Industrial Relations 1
    -Management of Training 1
    -Organizational Behaviour
  • Monitronic  Success College  Monitronic Success College , Windhoek  
  • The International University of Management The International University of Management, Windhoek  

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