Colleges and Universities Offering PhD in Science in South Africa

  • Course Name: PhD in Science(Science)
  • Major Subject: Science
  • Course Category: Doctorate Courses

Institutions Offering PhD in Science

  • North West University North West University, Mafikeng  
    -With Applied Mathematics
    -With Mathematics
    -With Natural Science Education
    -With Business Mathematics
    -With Risk Analysis
    -With Physics
    -With Chemistry
    -With Atmospheric Chemistry
    -With Environmental Sciences
    -With Transdisciplinary Environmental Sciences and Management
    -With Environmental Sciences and Management
    -With Disaster Risk Science
    -With Zoology
    -With Geography
    -With Geography and Environmental Management
    -With Microbiology
    -With Botany
    -With Biochemistry
    -With Biology
    -With Hydrology and Geohydrology
    -With Operational Research
    -With Radiation Science
    -With Indigenous Knowledge Systems
    -With Urban and Regional Planning
    -With Statistics

    Presented in English/Afrikaans

    Course Duration: 2 - 4 years

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