Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Computer Engineering in Ghana

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Computer Engineering()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Computer Engineering

  • Academic City University College Academic City University College, Accra  
    Course Structure:

    Year 1

    BS1110 Communication Skills
    CS1101 Introduction to Computing
    MT1110 Algebra, Trigonometry & Calculus
    EG1101 Physical Sciences
    ME1101 Engineering Graphics
    BS1210 Logic and Critical Thinking
    MT1210 Calculus II
    EC1211 Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    EC1212 Digital Hardware Design
    EC1213 Electronic Devices & Circuits
    CS1201 Computer Hardware and Interfacing

    Year 2

    MT1310 Calculus II
    CS1301 Computer Architecture
    CS1302 Data Structures
    CS1303 Database Systems
    CS1304 Object Oriented Programming with C++
    BS1410 African Studies
    EC1604 Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
    CS1401 Operating Systems
    CS1402 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
    CS1403 Programming with Java
    CS1404 Mini Project & Industrial Visit

    Year 3

    BS1510 Principles of Management
    MT1511 Probability & Queueing Theory
    MT1512 Discrete Mathematics
    CS1501 Software Engineering
    CS1502 Theory of Computation
    CS1503 Web Technology
    CS1504 Data Communication & Computer Networks
    BS1610 Engineering Economics & Management
    EC1403 Signals and Systems
    CS1601 Object Oriented System Design
    CS1602 XML and Web Services
    CS1603 Principles of Compiler Design
    CS1604 Industrial Internship

    ME1705 E-Commerce
    ME1706 Programming in ASP.NET
    ME1707 Cryptography & Network Security
    ME1708 Neural Networks

    Year 4
    EV1410 Environmental Science and Engineering
    CS1701 Distributed Computing
    CS1702 Computer Graphics & Multimedia
    CS1703 Digital Image Processing
    CS1704 Project Phase I
    BS1810 Entrepreneurship Development
    EG1801 Professional Ethics & Values
    CS1801 Mobile Computing
    CS1802 Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
    CS1803 Project Phase II

    CS1804 Cloud Computing
    CS1805 Advanced Java Programming
    CS1806 TCP/IP Design & Implementation
    CS1807 Data Mining & Warehousing

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