Colleges and Universities Offering Computer Packages and Applications in Kenya

  • Course Name: Computer Packages and Applications()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Computer Packages and Applications

  • Kenyaplex Institute of Technology Kenyaplex Institute of Technology, Mwala  
    Courses Offered:
    Introduction to computers.
    Ms Word.
    Ms Access.
    Ms Excel.
    Ms Publisher.
    Ms PowerPoint.
    Adobe PageMaker.
    Internet and Email.

    Course Duration: 1-2 months.

    Fees Payable: KES: 4,500

    Entry Requirements: Open.
  • Brighter College Brighter College, Ongata Rongai  
    Subject Duration Fees
    MS Windows 2 Weeks KES 2,000
    MS Word 2 Weeks KES 2,000
    MS Access 2 Weeks KES 2,000
    MS Excel 2 Weeks KES 2,000
    MS Publisher 2 Weeks KES 3,000
    MS PowerPoint 3 Weeks KES 2,000
    Adobe Illustrator 2 Weeks KES 4,000
    Adobe In-design 2 Weeks KES 4,000
    Adobe Photoshop 2 Weeks KES 4,000
    Email & Internet Basics 2 Weeks KES 2,000
    Javascript 2 Weeks KES 5,000
    Windows Vista 2 Weeks KES 2,000
    MS Project 2 Weeks KES 6,000
    HTML 4 Weeks KES 5,000
    Oracle 4 Weeks KES 6,000
    Java 4 Weeks KES 7,000
    MySQL 4 Weeks KES 6,000
    A+ (Computer Repair & Maintenance)12 Weeks KES 10,000
    Quickbooks 2 Weeks KES 5,000
    Sage 2 Weeks KES 4,000
    Pastel 2 Weeks KES 4,000
    Corel Draw 3 Weeks KES 6,000
    PHP 4 Weeks KES 5,500
    ASP.NET 4 Weeks KES 4,500
    Auto CAD 4 Weeks KES 8,000
    Arch CAD 2 Weeks KES 8,000
    Key Boarding 2 Weeks KES 2,000
    SPSS 4 Weeks KES 10,000
    Dreamweaver 4 Weeks KES 5,500
    Fireworks 2 Weeks KES 5,500
    Flash 2 Weeks KES 4,500
    C 4 Weeks KES 8,000
    C++ 4 Weeks KES 10,000
    Visual Basic.NET 4 Weeks KES 8,000
    SQL Server 4 Weeks KES 5,000
    N+ Networking 8 Weeks KES 10,000
  • Uwezo College Uwezo College, Machakos  
    Minimum Requirements:

    Exam Body:
    Uwezo College

    Course Content:
    -Introduction to Computers
    -Internet & E-mails
    -Adobe PageMaker
    -Adobe Illustrator
    -Adobe Photoshop
    -Corel Draw
    -Ms- Publisher
    -Sage accounting
    -Visual basics
    -Typing lessons
  • VisualDo Institute VisualDo Institute, Nairobi  

    Certificate in Computer Packages:

    -In Class: 2 months
    -Online: 1 month

    -Introduction to Computers
    -MS Windows 7/10
    -MS Word
    -MS Excel and Spreadsheets
    -MS PowerPoint
    -MS Publisher
    -MS Access
    -Adobe PageMaker
    -Internet and Email
  • Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute(KCITI) Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute(KCITI), Nairobi   
    Course content
    -Introduction to Software
    -Word Processing
    -Cloud Computing
    -Computer Packages Level 2
    -Database Management Systems
    -Desktop Publishing
    -Internet Research Oriented Methodologies

    Course duration: 2 terms

    Exam body: Internal
  • Kenya Institute Of Development Studies Kenya Institute Of Development Studies, Nairobi  

    Course Content:

    -Introduction to Computers
    -Internet & E-mail
    M-s- Publisher
    -Typing lessons
    -Communication Skills
    -Ms Outlook Express
  • Malindi Aviation Technical Training Institute Malindi Aviation Technical Training Institute, Eldoret  
    Course duration: 9 weeks

    Course content
    -CD Writing
    -Page Maker
    -MS-Power Point
    -Introduction to computer
  • Jusnet Business Institute Jusnet Business Institute, Malindi  
    Course duration:4 weeks

    Course content:
    -Introduction to computers
    -Windows 7/8/10
    -Typing and keyboarding
    -Microsoft word
    -Microsoft excel
    -Microsoft access
    -Microsoft powerpoint
    -Internet and email

  • Bright Touch College Bright Touch College, Nairobi  
    Course duration: 2 months

    Course content
    -MS Publisher
    -Typing Tutor
    -Mavis Beacon
    -Adbe Page Maker
    -Internet and Email
    -MS Power Point
    -MS Access
    -MS Excel
    -MS Word
  • Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences, Thika  
    Entry Requirement:
    K.C.S.E certificate

    Mode of Learning:
    Distance Learning
    Evening classes

    Examination Body: Internal

    Duration: 3 Weeks (duration can be tailored to fit individual needs)
  • Weru Technical and Vocational College Weru Technical and Vocational College, Malindi  
    Computer Packages and Programming

    Course entry requirements
    -KCPE and above

    Exam body: Internal

    Course duration: 3 months

    Intake: January, May and September

  • Viteec Training Institute Viteec Training Institute, Kikuyu  
    Ms Word, Ms Windows, Ms Access, Ms Excel, Ms Powerpoint,
    Ms Publisher, Data Security, Internet & Email

    Exam Body: CSK, CITY & GUILDS

    Duration: 2 weeks each
  • Bushiangala Technical Training Institute Bushiangala Technical Training Institute, Kakamega  
    Intake: January/May/September

    Course entry requirements
    -KCSE Certificate

    Exam body: C.S.K

    Course duration: 3 months
  • Sigalagala National Polytechnic Sigalagala National Polytechnic, Kakamega  
    Admission criteria
    -KCPE qualifications

    Exam body: SNP

    Intake: Every Monday

    Course duration: 20 hours

  • Nkabune Technical Training Institute Nkabune Technical Training Institute, Meru  
    Course entry requirements
    -KCSE Certificate

    Program duration: 3 Months

    Intake: Open

    Exam body: NTTI

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