Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Kenya

  • Course Name: Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering(Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  • Major Subject: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  •  East Africa Institute of Certified Studies, Nairobi  
    Course Outline

    Module I

    -Entrepreneurship education
    -Information communication technology
    -Communication skills
    -Life skills
    -Engineering mathematics I
    -Physical science
    -Mechanical science
    -Materials, processes and workshop practice
    -Engineering drawing
    -Electrical engineering principles
    -Electrical installation technology
    -Solar installation systems
    -Analogue electronics I
    -Electrical measurements and fault diagnosis

    Module II

    -Control systems
    -Analogue electronics II
    -Engineering mathematics II
    -Digital electronics
    -Engineering drawing and design
    -Industrial programmable logic controllers
    -Business plan
    -Electric circuit analysis
    -Industrial measurements I
    -Telecommunication principles

    Module III

    -Engineering mathematics III
    -Microcontroller technology
    -Industrial organization and management
    -Microprocessor systems
    -Estimating, tendering and engineering service s contracts
    -Trade project
    -Electromagnetic field theory
    -Data communication
    -Communication systems


    Course Duration: 27 Months

    Exam Body: KNEC

    Grade: C- and Above
  •  Machakos Institute of Technology, Machakos  

    Module 1

    Communication skills
    Engineering mathematics 1
    Physical science
    Mechanical science
    Electrical principles

    Module III
    Industrial organization and management
    Estimating, tendering and engineering services contracts
    Engineering mathematics III
    Microcontroller technology
    Microprocessor systems
    Power electronics
    Industrial machines and utilization
    Electrical power transmission and distribution systems
    Electromagnetic fields theory
    Trade project
    Electrical installation technology
    Solar installation systems
    Engineering drawing
    Materials processes and workshop technology
    Analogue electronics 1
    Electrical measurement and fault diagnosis(EMFD)

    Module 2
    Industrial programmable logic controllers
    Control systems
    Engineering mathematics II
    Digital electronics
    Analogue electronics II
    Engineering drawing and design
    Electric circuit analysis
    Electric power generation and transmission
    Building services and protection
    Business plan
  •  Mitunguu Technical Training Institute, Meru  
    Power option

    (i) Module I

    Course entry requirement
    -A mean grade of C- in KCSE

    Intake: May and September

    Course duration: 3 terms

    (ii) Module II

    Course entry requirements
    -Pass in module I

    Course duration: 2 terms

    Intake: January and September

    (iii) Module III

    Course entry requirements
    -Pass in module II

    Course duration: 2 terms

    Intake: January and September

    Exam body: KNEC

  •  PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute, Nairobi  
    (i) Module I

    Course entry requirements
    -A mean grade of C minus in KCSE with D+ in Maths

    Program duration: 1 year

    Intake: January/September

    (ii) Module II

    Course entry requirements
    -Pass in Module I/Pass in Craft Module II

    Program duration: 6 months

    Intake: January/May

    (iii) Module III

    Course entry requirements
    -Pass in Module II

    Program duration: 6 months

    Intake: January/May
  •  Eldoret National Polytechnic, Eldoret  
    Course Options:
    (i) power option

    (ii) Instrumentation and
    Control option

    (iii) Telecommunication option

    Course requirements: K.C.S.E Mean Grade C- , with at least C- in English,
    Mathematics, Physics or physical Science

    Course duration: 9 Terms


    Examination body: KNEC
  •  Kirinyaga University, Kerugoya  
    Admission Requirements:

    Be a holder of KCSE with a minimum aggregate of C- (Minus) with at least D+(plus) in Mathematics & Physics/Chemistry
    Be a holder of KCSE with a minimum aggregate of D+ ( Plus) and a certificate in any relevant area with at least a pass from an institution recognized by the University Senate

    Duration:6 semesters
  •  The Kenya Technical Trainers College (KTTC), Nairobi  
    Course Entry requirements:

    -Mean grade C-
    -Maths C.
    -Physics C.
    -Chemistry C-
    -English C

    Duration: 3 years.

    Mode of Study: Regular and School-Based

    Course description:

    -Course Options:
  •  Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Kakamega  
    Duration 3 years

    Minimum Entry requirement
    -Mean Grade C- (Minus) at KCSE with D+ (Plus) in each of the following: Mathematics, Physics or Physical Sciences Or a KNEC Craft Certificate in Relevant Technical Education from a recognized institution.

    Tuition Fees 40,000/= per semester
  •  The Nyeri National Polytechnic, Nyeri  

    Course Options:

    (i) Power Option

    (ii) Telecommunications Option

    Entry requirements: Mean grade C-(minus) or Craft Certificate

    Course duration: 3 Modules

    Examination body: KNEC

  •  Nairobi Aviation College, Nairobi  
    career opportunities
    -Hardware and software engineers.
    -Electrical maintenance engineers
    -Electrical lab technicians
    -Radio and TV systems maintenance engineer.
    -Network engineers

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