Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Sound and Music Production in South Africa

  • Course Name: Certificate in Sound and Music Production(Sound and Music Production)
  • Major Subject: Sound and Music Production
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Sound and Music Production

  •  DJ4Life Pty (Ltd), Johannesburg  
    The following are the courses under this program, their duration,content and fees required:

    (a) Full music production course

    Some of the areas covered under this program:

    (i) Max for Live Instruments

    (ii) Max for Live Audio Effects

    (iii) Max for Live MIDI Effects

    (iv) Composing with MIDI controllers

    (v) Remixing concepts and techniques

    (vi) Using video in Live

    (vii) Creating bass lines

    (viii) Creating melodies and leads

    (ix) Creating pads, textures, and keyboard parts

    (x) Audio recording methods and techniques

    (xi) Resampling

    (xii) Arranging and exporting

    (xiii) Mixing basics

    (xiv) Building custom Drum Racks

    Course duration: 40 Lessons (1 Hour per lesson)

    Fees payment options

    (i) R19,000.00 in total; two installments of R9,500 each

    (ii) Once off Payment: R18,200.00

    (iii) Monthly fee: R2050

    (b) Keyboard essentials for the music producer

    Course content:

    (i) Keyboard Grooves, Fills and Melodies

    (ii) Pentatonic Scales and Improvisation

    (iii) Common Chord progressions and chord scales and patterns

    (iv) Prescribed project

    (v) Major and Minor Diatonic Scales

    (vi) Major and Minor Triads

    (vii) Chord Extensions, Chord Progressions

    Program duration: 10 Lessons( 1 hour per lesson)

    Fees: R4,200

    (c) Music theory for producers

    Course content:

    (i) Basic Layout of the keyboard

    (ii) Intervals

    (iii) Chromatic, Major, Minor Scales

    (iv) Basic Two, Three and four Chord Progressions

    (v) Ideas and approaches to improvising and melody writing

    (vi) Using Live intro to practice and record musical idea’s

    Program duration: six lessons( 1 hour per lesson)

    Fee: Once off Payment: R2,200

    (d) Mixing and mastering

    Course content

    (i) Routing

    (ii) Gain Structure

    (iii) Automation

    (iv) Harmonic distortion

    (v) Metering

    (vi) Referencing

    (vii) Mid & Side

    (viii) Mastering

    (ix) EQing

    (x) Compression

    (xi) Panning

    (xii) Level Balancing

    (xiii) Reverb

    Program duration: 10 Lessons(1 Hour per lesson)

    Course duration: Once off payment: R4,200
  •  SAE Institute , Cape Town   
    Course name: Higher Certificate in Sound Production

    The following are the modules available:

    (i) Audio Mastering

    (ii) Creative Project

    (iii) Electronic Music Production

    (iv) Principles of Sound

    (v) Audio Post Production

    (vi) Signal Processing

    (vii) Acoustics & Live Sound

    (viii) Applied Music Theory

    (ix) Studio Production

    (x) Audio Technology

    Applicants are required to posses the following qualifications:

    (a) A National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) or equivalent academic learning of an NQF 4 qualification or higher, with university exemption/endorsement.

    (b) Computer literacy.

    (c) Adequate hearing abilities & adequately sighted.

    English Language Proficiency

    Successful applicants for all courses must be proficient in written and spoken English.

    In case of TOEFL or IELTS testing, students must score:

    (i) 6.0 on IELTS

    (ii) 550 on TOEFL (paper-based)

    (iii) 213 on TOEFL (computer-based)

    (iv) 79 (Internet based)

    If an applicant is a native English speaker or has studied in the medium of English on a secondary or post-secondary level, then the English language test requirement may be waived.

    The program is meant to equip students with necessary skills that will enable them to work as:

    (i) Mix Engineer

    (ii) Studio Assistant

    (iii) Audio Post Production Engineer

    (iv) Music and Dialogue Editor

    (v) Location Recordist

    (vi) Studio Sound Engineer

    (vii) Live Sound Assistant

    (viii) Production Assistant

    (ix) Mastering Engineer

    Program duration: One year

    The institute also offers the following short courses:

    (i) Electronic Music Production using Ableton live ( Fees: R 8000)

    (ii) FL Studio Electronic Music Production (Fees: R 4000)

    (iii) Pro Performance DJ course

    (iv) Live course Production (Fees: R 6000)

    (v) Music Business Fundamentals( Fees: R 5000)

    There may be no specific entry requirements for the short courses above , however some previous experience and interest in chosen field is a must.

    The above short courses have have a duration of eight weeks

  •  Progressive Music, Dance and Art School, Selcourt  
    Registration fees: R3500

    Tuition fees:

    (i) Option 1-Monthly

    (a) Single private student-R 499,00

    (b) Double group class-R 400,00

    (ii) Option 2-quarterly

    (a) Single private student-R1400,00

    (b) Double class group-R1150,00

    (iii) Option 3-Yearly

    Registration fees is not applicable for option (iii)

    (a) Single private student-R5500,00

    (b) Double group class-R4400,00
  •  Revolution Media Academy, Johannesburg  
    Master Class
    Duration: 12 weeks

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -A minimum of Grade 10
    -Passion for Music
    -English Language (Spoken & Written)

    Module Overview:
    -Logic Pro X Electronic Music Production
    -Music Theory & Keyboard Techniques
    -Recording & Drum programming Techniques
    -Song construction & Synthesis
    -Creative use of digital effects
    -Fundamentals of Mixing & Mastering
    -Music Production Business
  •  Oakfields College, Pretoria  
    Course content:

    (i) Digital systems

    (ii) Multi-channel recording: music productions

    (iii) Hands-on mixing

    (iv) Basic concepts of sound

    (v) Cubase

    (vi) Microphones and microphone techniques

    Program duration: Twelve weeks, three hours per week
  •  Boston City Campus and Business College, Johannesburg  
    Course name: Digital Music Composition & Production (DMCP)

    Entry requirements

    (i) Grade 10 Certificate

    (ii) No previous knowledge of music or experience with any musical instrument required

    Program duration: Ten months

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