Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Industrial Art in Uganda

  • Course Name: Diploma in Industrial Art()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Industrial Art

  •  YMCA Comprehensive Institute, Kampala  
    Course entry requirements
    -“A”level and above or Certificate in Art & Design or the equivalent.

    Program duration: 2 years

    Basic requirements
    -Painting Brushe
    -Over Coat for girls (Army green)
    -Over Coat for Boys (Army green)
    -Sketch Book
    -Geometry set
    -Black Book
    -Drawing Board
    -HB Art pencils
    -Coloured pencils or crayons

    Course content
    -Applied Textile Decoration
    -Exhibition Management
    -Advanced Graphics Design
    -Major Work Project
    -Visual Arts
    -Drawing Fundamentals
    -Painting Fundamentals
    -History of Art
    -Business Administration
    -Structural Drawing
    -Sculpture Fundamentals
    -Mixed Media Painting
    -Multimedia Arts
    -Communication skills
    -Objective Drawing
    -Advanced Oil Painting
    -Advanced Sculpture
    -Computer Fundamentals
    -Experimental Drawing
    -Fashion Design Fundamentals
    -Research Methodology
    -Applied Apparel Design
    -Typographic Design
    -Textile decoration and fabric design
    -Research Project

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