Colleges and Universities Offering Guitar Training Course in South Africa

  • Course Name: Guitar Training Course()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Guitar Training Course

  •  Progressive Music, Dance and Art School, Selcourt  
    Instrument name: Bass

    Registration fees: R3500

    Tuition fees:

    (i) Option 1-Monthly

    (a) Single private student-R 499,00

    (b) Double group class-R 400,00

    (ii) Option 2-quarterly

    (a) Single private student-R1400,00

    (b) Double class group-R1150,00

    (iii) Option 3-Yearly

    Registration fees is not applicable for option (iii)

    (a) Single private student-R5500,00

    (b) Double group class-R4400,00
  •  Nu Song Music, Drama and Art School, Pretoria  
    During study, students cover the following styles of music:

    (i) Indie

    (ii) Metal

    (iii) Alternative

    (iv) Country

    (v) Jazz & Blues

    (vi) Classical

    (vii) Folk

    (viii) Rhythm & Lead

    (ix) Pop

    Students can do internationally accredited exams in Guitar & Bass Guitar through Trinity College London

    Fees: R600 per month for 4 sessions of 30 minutes each
  •  Revolution Media Academy, Johannesburg  
    Classical Guitar
    Duration: 10 weeks

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -A minimum of Grade 10
    -Passion for Music
    -English Language (Spoken & Written)

    Module Overview:
    -Tunning overview
    -How to hold a pick
    -Scales & Chords
    -Strumming patterns Learning songs
    -Finger Picking
    -Advance strumming patterns Inversions
    -Writing songs in major key Final Assessment
  •  Legacy School of Music, Cape Town   
    Instrument: Bass Guitar

    Admission fee: R500


    (i) 30 minutes-2087.25 per term

    (ii) 45 minutes-3130.88 per term

    (iii) 60 minutes-4174.50 per term
  •  Jamrock Music Academy, Cape Town   
    Instrument name: Bass Guitar

    Registration fee: R250.00 payable once

    Fees: R 1980.00 per term which can be payable in 3 installments of R660.00 per month

  •  Riaan Eloff Music Academy, Pretoria  
    Instrument name: Bass Guitar

    Course duration:

    (i) Beginner-12 months

    (ii) Intermediate-12 to 24 months
  •  Performance Academy , Johannesburg  

    (i) R 210 per 30 minute lesson

    (ii) R 250 per 45 minute lesson

    (iii) R 280 per 60 minute lesson
  •  Master Music , Johannesburg  
    Registration fees: R200


    (i) 60 Minutes,R420 per lesson

    (ii) 40 Minutes,R320 per lesson
  •  Musical Minds, Pretoria  
    Instruments available:

    (i) Bass Guitar

    (ii) Acoustic / Classical Guitar

    (iii) Electric Guitar
  •  ANUA School of Music and Performing Arts, Benoni   
    Instrument name:

    (i) Bass Guitar

    (ii) Classical Guitar
  •  The Music School , Durban   
    Instrument name: Bass Guitar

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