Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Human Resource Management in Kenya

  • Course Name: Certificate in Human Resource Management(HRM)
  • Major Subject: HRM
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Human Resource Management

  •  East Africa Institute of Certified Studies, Nairobi  
    Course Outline

    Module I

    Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
    ICT Practical
    Business Finance
    Financial Accounting
    Office Administration and Management
    Business Calculations and Statistics
    Business Plan
    Business Finance
    Communication Skills
    Information Communication Technology
    Life Skills
    Occupational Safety & Precautions

    Module II

    Elements of Labour Law and Industrial Relations
    Trade Project
    Practice of Human Resource Management
    Office Organization
    Business Law
    Human Resource Management Records
    Fundamentals of Management & Environment
    Book Keeping and Accounts

    Requirements:Grade: D and Above

    Course Duration: 12 months

    Exam Body: KNEC
  •  Machakos Institute of Technology, Machakos  

    -Passed relevant Artisan in course in Human Resource Management or KCSE D+
    -Equivalent qualifications as determined by KNEC


    Module I

    CHRM 901: Communication Skills
    CHRM 902: ICT
    CHRM 903: Office Administration and Management
    CHRM 904: Elements of Human Resource Management
    CHRM 905: Commerce
    CHRM 906: Entrepreneur Education/Business plan


    CHRM 907: Elements of Law and Industrial Relations
    CHRM 908: Book Keeping and Accounts
    CHRM 909: Practice of Human Resource Management
    CHRM 910: Research project
    CHRM 911: Field practicum
  •  Kenya Institute of Social Work, Nairobi   
    Course entry requirements
    -Minimum qualifications are KCSE D+ plain or KCE Division 3.
    -Course open to Beginners, Community development workers, Welfare officers and Fresh students

    Course content
    -Business Plan
    -Trade Project (Not Teachable In Class; Supervisory Unit)
    -Practice of HRM
    -Elements Of Law And Industrial Relations
    -Book Keeping And Accounts
    -Elements Of Human Resource Management
    -Fundamentals Of Management
    -Social Research Methods.
    -Office Administration And Management
    -Entrepreneur Education
    -English Language
    -Communication Skills
    -Information Processing
  •  Kiriri Women's University of Science and Technology, Nairobi  

    CHR 101 Communication Skills
    CHR103 Information Technology & Ethics
    CHR104 Fundamentals of Management & Environment
    CHR 107 Introduction to Human Resource Management
    CHR 108 Business Finance
    CHR 109 Introduction to Labour & Industrial Relations
    CHR 102 Life Skills
    CHR 201 Office Administration & Management
    CHR 202 Fundamentals of Accounting
    CHR 203 Fundamentals of Marketing
    CHR 204 Labour Law
    CHR 205 Employee Relations
  •  PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute, Nairobi  
    Craft Certificate In Human Resource Management

    (i) Module I

    Course entry requirements
    -A mean grade of D plain in KCSE

    Course duration: 6 months

    (ii) Module II

    Course entry requirements
    -Pass In Module I

    Course duration: 6 months

    Intake: January/May
  •  Mitunguu Technical Training Institute, Meru  
    (i) Module I

    Course entry requirements
    -A mean grade of D plain in KCSE

    Course duration: 2 terms

    (ii) Module II

    Course entry requirements
    -A mean grade of D plain in KCSE

    Course duration: 3 terms

    Exam body: KNEC

    Intake: May and September
  •  The Kenya Institute Of Management, Nairobi  
    Course entry requirements
    - KCSE Mean grade D; with D-(minus) English and Maths/Accounting/Business Studies/Economics/Commerce

    - Division III in KCE

    - Completion of KNQA Level

    - A certificate of experimental learning issued by KNQA

    Course duration: 12 months
  •  Coast Institute of Technology, Voi  
    Course details:

    -Book keeping and accounts
    -Law and Industrial relations
    -Principles of HRM

    -Elements of HRM
    -Communication skills
    -Office Administration and Management
  •  Rongo University, Rongo  
    Duration: 2 semesters

    Tuition fees: 20,000/= per semester

    Minimum entry requirements:
    - KCSE D+ (Plus),
    - O-level Certificate DIV IV or equivalent plus a relevant academic / professional training
  •  Mukurwe-Ini Technical Training Institute., Mukurweini  
    Craft in Human Resource Management

    Module I-II

    Course entry requirements
    -A mean grade of D plain and above in KCSE

    Course duration: 2 years

    Intake: January/May/September

    Exam body: KNEC

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