Sikri Technical and Vocational College for the Blind and Deaf details

  • Address: P.O Box 194-40222 Oyugis
  • Location: Oyugis, Kenya
  • Telephone Number: 0772768777
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About Sikri Technical and Vocational College for the Blind and Deaf

The college has a long and proud history which is part of our platform for future success and linked to our present activities. We derive our mandate under TVET ACT, 2013 Section 20(1) as Technical and vocational college to train Persons living with disabilities and 30% reverse integration for inclusivity. The institution provides training to students across the East and central Africa region and has been the only training College with the visually impaired, hearing impaired and deaf/blind students all in one Institution undertaking relevant livelihood skills training to enable them compete favorably in the job market or establish their own livelihood activities.

The Institute was started in 1970 by the CMM brother of Tilburg under the Kisii catholic Diocese as Vocational training Centre for the Blind and Deaf- Sikri, to offer practical agricultural skills training for trainees from humble background who were visually impaired.

Programs and courses

Certificate Courses (46 courses)

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Faculties and Schools

School of Agriculture and Environmental Studies.
School of Special Needs Education.
School of Business and Liberal Studies.
School of Building and Civil Engineering.
School of Computing and Informatics.
School of Hospitality and Institutional Management.
School of Mechanical Engineering.
School of Electrical Engineering.

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