Mustaqbal University details

  • Address: Mogadishu
  • Location: Mogadishu, Somalia
  • Telephone Number: +252 61 6552355
  • Email Address:
  • Website:

About Mustaqbal University

Mustaqbal University (MU),a pioneer non-profit private university registered with the Ministry of Education of Somalia started in 2012 by dynamic young Somali professionals from various backgrounds to contribute towards socioeconomic development of the nation through innovation and research.

Programs and courses

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Why Join Mustaqbal University

Teaching and learning methodologies adopted in the university are student centered, an approach that allows students to get exposed to problem-based learning that stimulates them to conduct research and sharing of experiences while solving society’s myriad of challenges.

Faculties and Schools

(i) Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

(ii) Faculty of Education

(iii) Faculty of Sharia and Law

(iv) Faculty of Health Sciences

(v) Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Science

(vi) Faculty of Business and Accountancy

(vii) Faculty of Computer Science and Technology

(viii) Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

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