Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Information Communication Technology in Kenya

  • Course Name: Diploma in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
  • Major Subject: ICT
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Information Communication Technology

  •  Bridge College, Nairobi  
    (a) KNEC exams

    Admission criteria
    -Pass in Craft Certificate OR KCSE Grade C- (minus)

    Course duration: 9 Terms

    Course content
    (i) Module I
    -Communication Skills
    -Operating Systems
    -Binary Codes
    -Computational Mathematics
    -Introduction to Information Communication Technology and Ethics
    -Computer Applications
    -Structured Programming

    (ii) Module II-Pass Module I OR Craft Certificate in Information Communication Technology

    Course content
    -Quantitative Methods
    -Visual Programming
    -Database Management Systems
    -System analysis and Design
    -Research Project
    -Object oriented Programming

    (iii) Module III-Pass in Module II

    Course content
    -Object oriented Programming
    -Quantitative Methods
    -Visual Programming
    -Database Management Systems
    -System analysis and Design
    -Research Project

    (b) KASNEB exams

    Admission criteria
    -KCSE Grade C- (minus) and above

    The course has three levels

    Course duration: 6 months per level

    Course content
    -Computer Mathematics
    -Entrepreneurship and Communication
    -Computer Applications Practice
    -Introduction to Computing
    -Computer Support and Maintenance
    -Programming Concepts
    -Computer Networking
    -Internet Skills
    -Information Systems Project Skills
    -Computer Applications Practical II
    -Principles of Web Development
    -Foundations of Accounting
  •  Machakos Institute of Technology, Machakos  

    MODULE 1

    DICT 5201: Introduction to Computers and Principles of operating systems
    DICT 5202: Computer Applications
    DICT 5203: Communication skills
    DICT 5204: Structured programming
    DICT 5205: Computational mathematics
    DICT 5206: Entrepreneurship
    DICT 5207: Operating system

    MODULE 2

    DICT 5208: Systems Analysis and Design
    DICT 5209: Object oriented Programming
    DICT 5210: Computer application II
    DICT 5211: Visual programming.
    DICT 5213: Quantitative methods
    DICT 5214: Database management system.
    DICT 5214: Practicum

    MODULE 3

    DICT 5215: Management information systems
    DICT 5216: Principles & Practice of Management
    DICT 5217: Data Communication and networking
    DICT 5218: Quantitative methods
    DICT 5219: Internet based programming
    DICT 5220: Research Project


    -Minimum qualifications are KCSE C- or KCE Div. 2 or the equivalent
  •  Kenya Institute of Social Work, Nairobi   
    Course entry requirements
    -Minimum qualifications are KCSE C or KCE Division 2 or the equivalent

    Course content
    -Programming In C++
    -Web Design Using Dream Weaver
    -Field Practicum
    -TCP/IP Configuration
    -Software Engineering
    -Introduction To Web Design Using Html
    -Intranet Technology
    -Basic Mathematics
    -Networking Essentials
    -Computer Systems Project (Total Supervisory Unit)
    -Social Research Methods
    -System Analysis And Design
    -Event Driven Programming Using Visual Basic 6.0
    -Computer Applications
    -Management Information Systems
    -Principles Of Computer Support And Maintenance
    -Introduction To Structured Programming In Computer
    -English Language
    -Communication Skills
    -Introduction To Computers And Operating Systems
  •  East Africa Institute of Certified Studies, Nairobi  
    Course Outline
    Module I
    -Introduction to Information communication technology and ethics
    -Computer application I
    -Communication skills
    -Structured programming
    -Computational mathematics
    -Operating systems
    -Life skills

    Module II
    -Research project
    -Systems analysis and design
    -Object oriented programming
    -Visual programming
    -Database management system
    -Quantitative methods

    Module III
    -Data communication and networking
    -Internet based programming
    -Business plan
    -Management information system
    -Principles and practice of management


    Course Duration: 24 Months

    Exam Body: KNEC

    Grade: C- and Above
  •  Tsavo Institute of Technology, Voi   
    Course entry requirements
    -A mean grade of C- at KCSE

    Program duration: 2 years

    Exam body: KNEC

    Course content
    -Research Project
    -System Analysis And Design
    -Object Oriented Programming
    -Database Management System
    -Computer Applications 11
    -Visual Programming
    -Data Communication And Networking
    -Management Information Systems
    -Principles And Practice Of Management
    -Quantitative Techniques
    -Internet Based Programming
    -Business Plan
    -Introduction To ICTAnd Ethics
    -Computer Applications 1
    -Communication Skills
    -Structured Programming
    -Computational Mathematics
    -Operating System
    -Entrepreneurship Education
  •  Kimtech Training College, Kehancha  
    Course entry requirements
    -A mean grade of C- and above in KCSE or credit pass in Certificate by KNEC Examination or any other relevant qualification.

    Course duration: 3 modules

    Course content
  •  The Management University of Africa (MUA), Nairobi  
    Admission requirements

    (i) KCSE mean grade C- (Minus) or its equivalent; or,

    (ii) MUA certificate in respective diploma programme or any related area; or,

    (iii) A KNEC/KIM certificate in respective diploma programme or related areas or its equivalent; or,

    (iv) A KNEC/KIM Diploma or its equivalent from a recognized institution of learning in a related area.

    Course duration: Two years (6 semesters) inclusive of three months Industrial Attachment.

    Fees: KES. 40,000 per semester inclusive of administration and examination fees.
  •  College of Human Resource Management (CHRM), Nairobi  
    Course entry requirements
    -A mean grade of C- and above in KCSE

    Exam body: KNEC

    Course duration: 18 months

    Intake: January,June and September

    Mode of study
    -Saturday-8.30 am - 5.00 pm Every Saturday - whole day
    -Combine-5.30 pm - 8.30 pm Mon/Wed/Fri Evenings and Saturday Mornings
    -Evening-5.30 pm - 8.30 pm Evening Daily and class on Saturday
    -Sunrise-6.30 am - 8.30 am Weekday Daily
    -Full day-8.30 am - 4.30 pm Weekday Daily/Saturdays
  •  Mitunguu Technical Training Institute, Meru  
    (a) Module I

    Course entry requirements

    -A mean grade of C- in KCSE

    Program duration: 3 terms

    Intake: May and September

    (b) Module II

    Course entry requirements
    -A pass in module II

    Course duration: 2 terms

    Intake: January and September

    (c) Module III

    Course entry requirements
    -A pass in module III

    Course duration: 2 terms

    Intake: January and September

    Exam body: KNEC
  •  Kiriri Women's University of Science and Technology, Nairobi  
    Admission Requirements:

    To be eligible for a diploma in ICT a candidate must have

    -KCSE mean grade C- (C Minus);

    -C- (C Minus) in Mathematics, English/Kiswahili;

    -Students who have done a certificate course in a computer/telecommunications engineering related field will be considered for admission after review of their transcripts;

    -‘A’ level leavers in any Science cluster subjects; mid-career practitioners;

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