Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Science in Educational Technology in Nigeria

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Science in Educational Technology(Educational Technology)
  • Major Subject: Educational Technology
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Science in Educational Technology

  • Benue State University Benue State University, Makurdi  
    Course outline:
    Semester 1:
    GST 111 Communication in English
    GST 113 Nigerian Peoples and Culture
    GST 121Use of Library, Study Skills and Information
    Communication Technology
    EDU 101 History of Education
    EDU 103 Philosophy of Education
    VTE 101 Fundamentals of Vocational and Technical Education
    TED 101 Technical Drawing
    TED 103 Introduction to Materials and their Application
    MTH 101 Elementary Mathematics
    PHY 101 Mechanics
    CHM 101 General Chemistry

    Semester 2
    GST 122 Communication in English II
    GST 112 Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence
    EDU 102 Introduction to Educational Psychology
    VTE 102 Improvisation of Equipment
    TED 102 Technical Writing
    TED 104 Safety Technology
    MTH 102 Elementary Mathematics II
    PHY 102 Heat and Properties of Matter
    CHM 110 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry
    TED 106 Basic Electricity

    200 level Semester 1
    EPS 201 Entrepreneurship Studies
    GST 211 History and Philosophy of Science
    EDU 201 Sociology of Education
    EDU 203 Curriculum and Instruction
    TED 201 Technical Drawing II
    TED 203 Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
    TED 205 Basic Applied Mechanics
    MTH 131 Statistics for Physical Sciences and Engineering
    Specialization Options
    MTE229 Traffic and Highway Safety
    MTE 231 Fundamentals of Automobile Technology
    BUILDING TECHNOLOGY (Choose 4 -6 Credits)
    CTE211 Introduction to Building Services
    CTE 213 Construction Technology Laboratory
    CTE 215 Architectural Drawing
    GEO 193 Basic Surveying
    ETE 221 Utility Power Systems
    ETE 223 Circuit Theory
    ETE 225 Electronics Devices
    ETE 227 Electrical Measuring Instruments
    PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY (Choose 4 -6 Credits)
    MTE 233 Metals and Metal Processes
    MTE 235 Metal Bulk Deformation Processes
    MTE 237 Equipment Maintenance
    MTE 239 Welding & Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes
    MTE 241 Introduction to Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
    MTE 243 Refrigeration Systems and Selection
    MTE 247 Air-conditioning Systems and Selection
    WOODWORKING TECHNOLOGY (Choose 4 -6 Credits)
    CTE 217 Woodworking
    CTE 219 Joinery
    CTE 221 Machine Woodworking 2
    Electives: Choose Between 2 - 4 Credits
    CTE 213 Construction Technology Laboratory
    CTE 215 Architectural Drawing

    Semester 2
    EPS 202 Entrepreneurship Studies II
    GST 222 Peace andConflict Resolution
    EDU 202 Educational Psychology
    EDU 204 Instructional Technology
    VTE 202 Facilities Planning for VTE
    VTE 204 Principles and Methods of Teaching in VTE I
    TED 202 Strength of Materials
    TED 204 Computer Aided Drafting II
    Specialization Options
    AUTOMOBILE TECHNOLOGY(Choose 4 -7 Credits)
    MTE 236 Motors and Generators
    MTE 238 Thermodynamics of Internal Combustion Engines
    MTE 242 Auto Electrical Works
    BUILDING TECHNOLOGY(Choose 4 -8 Credits)
    CTE 212 Architectural Design
    CTE 214 Law of Contract and Arbitration
    CTE 216 Measurements and Quantities of Building Works
    CTE 218 Related Building Trades
    ETE 226 Linear Network Theory
    ETE 228 Digital Electronics
    ETE 232 Telecommunications
    ETE 234 Electrical Installation
    PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY(Choose 4 -8 Credits)
    MTE 244 Machining Processes
    MTE 246 Joining Processes and Equipment
    MTE 248 Hydraulics and Pneumatics Technology
    MTE 252 Powder Metallurgy & Ceramics Processes
    MTE 254 Product Design
    MTE 256 Refrigerants and Lubrication Oils
    MTE 258 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Controls
    MTE 262 Theory of Air Conditioning & Application
    MTE 264 Psychometrics of Air Conditioning
    WOODWORKING TECHNOLOGY(Choose 4 -8 Credits)
    CTE 222 Wood Technology
    CTE 224 Woodwork Interior & Exterior Finishing to Buildings
    CTE 216 Measurement & quantities of building works
    CTE 218 Related Building Trades

    300 level Semester :
    EPS 301 Entrepreneurship Vocations I
    EDU 301 Educational Statistics I
    EDU 303 Curriculum Studies II
    EDU 309 Introduction to Guidance and Counseling
    EDU 403 Tests and Measurement
    VTE 301
    Principles and Methods of Teaching in Vocational and
    Technical Education II
    Specialization Options
    AUTOMOBILE TECHNOLOGY (Choose 8 -10 Credits)
    MTE351 Automobile Traction And Brakes Systems
    MTE 353 Engine Rebuilding
    MTE 355 Auto Transmission System
    MTE 357 Mechanical Power Transmission
    MTE 359 Autotronics
    BUILDING TECHNOLOGY (Choose 8 -10 Credits)
    CTE 311 Structural Design I
    CTE 313 Reinforced Concrete Design
    CTE 315 Soil Mechanics and Laboratory
    CTE 317 Construction TechnologyLaboratory II
    CTE 319 Building Maintenance
    ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY (Choose 8 -10 Credits)
    ETE 331 Energy and Electrical Power Machines
    ETE 333 Electrical Power Generation and Distribution
    ETE 335 Electrical Drafting
    ETE 337 Power Electronics
    ETE 341 Control Circuit Systems I
    ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY (Choose 8 -10 Credits)
    ETE 339 Digital Electronics I
    ETE 343 Television
    ETE 345 Electronic Design and Drafting
    ETE 347 Telecommunications II
    ETE 349 Power Electronics
    PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY (Choose 8 -12 Credits)
    MTE 361 Foundry Technology I
    MTE 363 Machining Processes II
    MTE 365 PlasticsProcessing
    MTE 367 Product Design II
    MTE 369 Production Management
    MTE 371 Tools and Die Design
    ETE 331 Energy and Electrical Power Machines
    MTE 373 Refrigeration Components
    MTE 375 Modern Refrigeration Practice
    MTE 377 Modern Air-conditioning Practice
    MTE 379 Maintenance of RAC Equipment
    MTE 381 Basic Thermodynamics of RAC
    WOODWORKING TECHNOLOGY (Choose 8 -11 Credits)
    CTE 321 Upholstery Technology
    CTE 323 Carpentry I
    CTE 325 Joinery II
    CTE 327 Furniture Design and Construction Technology
    CTE 319 Building Maintenance

    Semester 2
    EPS 302 Entrepreneurship Vocations II
    VTE 302 Industrial Training
    VTE 304 Problems and Projects in Area of Specialization
    EDU 401 Teaching Practice
    VTE 401 Field Trips to Industry

    400 Level Semester 1
    EDU 302 Educational Research Methods 2
    EDU 304 Curriculum Studies II 2
    EDU 402 Research Project 6
    VTE 402
    Planning and Administration of Vocational and Technical
    Education 2
    VTE 404 Seminar in Vocational and Technical Education 2
    Specialization Options: Choose any of the following options
    MTE458 Autobody Repairs and Finishing 2
    MTE 462Auto Parts Marketing, Workshop Management and
    MTE 464 Diesel Engine
    MTE 466 Automobile Air Conditioning
    CTE 412 Site Organization and Equipment selection 1
    CTE 414 Specification Writing 1
    CTE 416 Construction Project Management
    CTE 418 Architectural Drawing III
    CTE 422 Structural Design II
    ETE 444 Operation and Maintenance of AC/DC Machines
    ETE 446 Electrical Installation Practice II
    ETE 452 Control Circuit System II
    ETE 448 Electronics Communication
    ETE 452 Control Circuit System II
    ETE 454 Electronics Servicing Techniques
    MTE 472 Foundry Technology II
    MTE 474 Metrology, instrumentation & Quality control processes
    MTE 476 Physical Metallurgy and Heat Treatment
    MTE 478 Surface Technology
    ELECTIVES: Choose 2 Credits from any of
    MTE 482 Automated Manufacturing Systems
    MTE 484 Industrial Facilities Planning
    ETE 444 Operation and Maintenance of AC/DC Machines
    ETE 446 Electrical Installation II
    MTE 486 Machine Design

    Semester 2
    CTE 434 Wood Finishing Technology
    MTE 488 Special Refrigeration Applications
    MTE 492 Cold Store Installation & Maintenance
    MTE 494 Heat Load Estimation
    MTE 496 Air Conditioning Selection, Installation & Commissioning
    CTE 432 Production Management in Woodworking Industry
    CTE 434 Wood Finishing Technology
    CTE 436 Maintenance of Wood Processing Equipment
    CTE 438 Carpentry II

    Entry requirements:
    University Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Applicant
    1.A minimum of five (5) credits at O‟Level in any of Teachers grade II (TC II) or Federal Craft
    Training Certificate or NTC/NBC, C&G and WAEC (Tech) at not more than two sittings in
    relevant subjects, which must include English Language, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
    for UTME (100 level) candidates, (the minimum point or UTME candidates is as pegged by the
    Benue State University Admissions Committee and JAMB from time to time).

    Direct Entry Applicants
    2.Candidates applying for Direct Entry (DE) into two (200) level should possess in addition to the
    (5) O‟ Level credits, at least an Upper Credit in ND from any recognized institution, or merit in
    IJMB, or NCE, or „A‟ Level in the relevant subjects.

    3Preliminary (Pre-Degree) candidates (from Benue State University only) must have at least a “C”
    grade in English Language, Mathematics Physics or Chemistry and technical drawing for those
    in Technical Education option.

  • Novena University Novena University, Ogume  
    Admission requirements:
    Five Credit at SSCE (or its equivalent) in English, Mathematics, Physics, Tech. Drawing, and Chemistry Five Credits in City & Guides Part I Credit passes in OND in relevant Engineering disciplines in addition to relevant credits at SSCE (or its equivalent). NCE with Technical Education in addition to relevant Credits at SSCE (or its equivalent) UME subjects are English, Technical Drawing, a subject of specialization and Mathematics or Physics
  • Adeyemi College of Education Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo  
  • Al-Hikmah University Al-Hikmah University, Adewole  
  • University of Mkar University of Mkar, Mkar  
  • University of Ilorin University of Ilorin, Ilorin  
  • Federal University of Technology Minna Federal University of Technology Minna, Minna  
  • National Open University of Nigeria National Open University of Nigeria, Lagos  
  • Al Hikmah University	 Al Hikmah University , Ilorin  

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