Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Medical Office Administrator in Canada

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Institutions Offering Diploma in Medical Office Administrator

  •  Pharma Medical Science College of Canada, Toronto  
    Entry Requirements:
    -Applicant must have Grade 12 level or a university degree or a Science college diploma and demonstrated competency in English.

    Duration: 40 weeks

    Course Content:
    -The basic use of medical terminology
    -The various functions of management
    -The requirements specific to patients with certain diseases or disability
    -Skills of good customer services
    -Knowledge of good customers services
    -The knowledge of OHIP
    -WSIB and third party billing
    -The knowledge of maintaining the health records and various ethical and legal issues attached with them
    -The knowledge of general rules pertaining to medical transcription.
  •  CJ Healthcare College, Toronto  
    Course entry requirements
    -Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or Equivalent
    -Mature students status - 18 years of age or older and pass a pre-entry evaluation
    -All foreign credentials must be translated into English and compared for Grade 12 equivalency by a recognized organization (that is, WES)

    Course duration: 40 Weeks

    Course content
    -Medical office procedures
    -The fundamentals of the Electronic Health Record
    -Computerized OHIP billing
    -Diagnostic and lab procedures
    -Medical terminology
    -Medical transcription
  •  KLC College, Toronto  
    Course entry requirements
    -Ontario Secondary School diploma (Grade 12) or equivalent
    -Demonstrated English, communication and comprehension skills
    -The equivalent standing at the general level in English

    Course duration: 42 Weeks

    Some of the areas covered in this program are:
    -Basic Bookkeeping
    -Simply Accounting
    -Human Relations
    -Medical Procedures
    -Medical Transcription / Terminology
    -Microsoft Office Suite
    -Introduction to the Internet
    -Basic Business Math
  •  Sunview College, Toronto  
    Course entry requirements
    -Ontario Grade 12 or equivalent
    -Mature Student (18 years of age or older) and A passing SLE TEST

    Course duration: 7 months

    Course content
    -Medical Transcription
    -Soft Skills
    -Career Services
    -Practice Labs ( I ,II ,III )
    -Computer Basics
    -MS Office Suite Applications
    -Simply Accounting
    -English Fundamentals
    -Medical Office Procedure
    -Medical Billing
    -Medical Terminology
  •  Canadian College of Business, Science and Technology (CCBST), Toronto  
    Course duration: 49 Weeks

    Course content
    -Health Office Billing
    -Medical Law and Ethics
    -Office Procedures
    -Interpersonal Skills
    -Customer Service
    -Business Communications
    -Healthcare Terminology
    -Records Management and Scheduling
    -Health Office Transcription
    -Anatomy and Body Systems
    -Windows 10
    -Word Level 1 and Level 2
    -Excel Level 1 and Level 3
  •  Toronto Business College, Toronto  
    Course duration: 32 Weeks

    Course content
    -Customer Service
    -MO Administrative Procedure
    -Medical Billing and Coding
    -Microsoft Access
    -Microsoft Excel
    -Medical Transcription
    -Anatomy and Physiology
    -Office Systems
    -Quick Books: Levels 1 and 2
    -Microsoft Windows
    -Microsoft PowerPoint
    -Microsoft Word
  •  CLI College of Business, Health and Technology, Toronto  
    Course entry requirements
    Applicants must:
    -Have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
    -Pass Standard Entrance Examination.

    Mature students must:
    -Be at least 18 years of age and pass a Superintendent approved qualifying test
    -Pass Standard Entrance Examination.

    Course duration: 41 Weeks
  •  Toronto International Business College (TIBC), Toronto  
    Course duration: 36 weeks

    Course content
    -Medical Terminology
    -Medical Transcription
    -CRM Patient Relations Management Software
    -Soft Skills
    -Lab Practice I, II and III
    -English Fundamentals
    -Computer Basics
    -Anatomy and Physiology
    -Medical Office Procedures
  •  Herzing College, Toronto  
    Course entry requirements
    -Minimum of a Canadian high school grade 12 or equivalent, or a mature student
    -Pass an entrance test administered by Herzing College
    -Be interviewed in detail regarding interest in the field

    Course duration: 10 months including 5 week internship
  •  Evergreen College, Toronto  
    Course entry requirements
    -An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent; or be at least 18 years of age or older and pass an entry test.
    -English proficiency requirement for international students.

    Program duration: 32 weeks
  •  Academy of Learning, Richmond Hill  
    Course entry requirements
    -Grade 12 or equivalent or Mature Student Status.
    -Courses are open to any applicant who possesses a good command of the English language and is able to follow instructions.

    Course duration: 38 Weeks
  •  Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology, Toronto  
    Course duration: 40/42 weeks

    Mode of study: Full time
  •  Canadian Beauty College, Toronto  
  •  Medix College, Toronto  

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