Colleges and Universities Offering Coastal Skipper in South Africa

  • Course Name: Coastal Skipper()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Coastal Skipper allows sailing enthusiasts to enhance their skills and knowledge in coastal navigation and leadership. This course covers advanced navigation techniques, meteorology, passage planning and yacht handling in various conditions. Participants will gain hands-on experience in managing a sailboat and developing the confidence to undertake longer coastal passages.

Possible career opportunities for Coastal Skipper graduates include:
1. Yacht charter skipper
2. Sailing instructor
3. Yacht delivery skipper
4. Professional crew member on luxury yachts
5. Nautical tourism guide
6. Maritime event coordinator
7. Boatyard manager
8. Rigging and maintenance technician
9. Marine surveyor
10. Naval officer or crew member.

Institutions Offering Coastal Skipper

  • Good Hope Sailing Academy Good Hope Sailing Academy, Cape Town  
    Course duration
    (i) Part-time Theory
    -6 consecutive Monday evenings

    (ii) Full-time Theory
    -4 days Mon-Thur

    (iii) Full-time Practical
    -5 days sailing Mon-Fri

    Course entry requirements
    -800 miles logged in tidal waters in the open sea
    -24 night hours on watch
    -At least 3 passages of 60 miles or more
    -First Aid level 1 certificate
    -A VHF SRC Radio Licence
  • SA Maritime School and Transport College SA Maritime School and Transport College, Durban  

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