Colleges and Universities Offering Double Coded Welding in South Africa

  • Course Name: Double Coded Welding()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Double Coded Welding

  • Alisha Training Consultants  Alisha Training Consultants , Pretoria  
    Course duration: 1 month

    Course content:
    Tungsten Selection and Preparation
    Tungsten Color Code and Proper Torch Use
    TIG Wires
    Shielding Gas
    Shield Gas Selection and Use
    Typical Manual GTA (TIG Welding Parameters)
    Guide for Shield Gas Flows, Current Settings and Cup Selection
    Correct Torch and Rod Positioning
    Pulsed TIG
    Personal Protection
    Recognizing Your Tungsten
    Operator Inspection for Weld Quality
    TIG Troubleshooting Guide
    TIG Overview
    Power Sources
    Types of Welding Current used for TIG
    Characteristics of Current Types for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
    TIG Hand piece (TIG Torch)
    Selecting the Correct Torch Nozzle
    Gas Lens Benefits
    Connection Diagrams
  •  Mbabane Training College, Emalahleni  
    Course duration: 1 month

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