Colleges and Universities Offering Education Training and Development Practitioner in South Africa

  • Course Name: Education Training and Development Practitioner()
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  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Education Training and Development Practitioners play a crucial role in promoting continuous learning and development within organizations and educational institutions. They are responsible for designing, implementing and evaluating training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals. They assist in identifying training needs, create instructional materials, deliver training sessions and assess the effectiveness of the programs.

Career opportunities for Education Training and Development Practitioner graduates include:

1. Training coordinator
2. Training specialist
3. Learning and development consultant
4. Curriculum developer
5. Instructional designer
6. Adult education teacher
7. E-learning developer
8. Skills development facilitator
9. Talent development manager
10. Human resources training and development officer.

Institutions Offering Education Training and Development Practitioner

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