Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Laws in Zambia

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Laws(Laws)
  • Major Subject: Laws
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Laws

  •  UNICAF University Zambia, Lusaka  
    Course Structure:

    UU-Bsc-IND100-ZM Induction Module
    UU-FNT-103-ZM Introduction to Bachelor Degree
    UU-ENG-1000-ZM Writing Methods
    UU-LAW-1010-ZM Legal Systems and Methods
    UU-COM-1000-ZM Computer System
    UU-LAW-1060-ZM Academic & Legal Skills
    UU-MAN-2010-ZM Introduction to Management
    UU-ENG-1001-ZM Composition for English
    UU-LAW-1020-ZM Administrative Law
    UU-LAW-1090-ZM Philosophical Perspectives of the Common Law
    UU-LAW-2030-ZM Law of Contract
    UU-ENG-1005-ZM University English
    UU-PSY-1000-ZM General Psychology I
    UU-LAW-1030-ZM Criminal Law
    UU-LAW-2010-ZM Equity & Trusts
    UU-LAW-1040-ZM Law of Torts
    UU-LAW-2020-ZM Land Law
    UU-PSY-1100-ZM Psychology II
    UU-LAW-2040-ZM Family Law
    UU-LAW-2050-ZM Public International Law
    UU-LAW-3030-ZM International Human Rights
    UU-LAW-2070-ZM Introduction to Commercial Law I
    UU-MKT-2000-ZM Marketing
    UU-LAW-3040-ZM Jurisprudence
    UU-LAW-4010-ZM Civil Procedure
    UU-LAW-2000-ZM Employment Law
    UU-LAW-3050-ZM Wills and Succession
    UU-SOC-1000-ZM Principles of Sociology
    UU-LAW-3000-ZM Company Law 1: Structures and Players
    UU-LAW-3080-ZM Discrimination Law
    UU-LAW-4030-ZM Evidence, Ethics and Advocacy
    UU-LAW-4020-ZM Criminal Procedure
    UU-LAW-4001-ZM Constitutional Law
    UU-LAW-4070-ZM Company Law 2: Corporate Finance and Insolvency
    UU-LAW-3060-ZM Foundations in Data Protection Law
    UU-LAW-3020-ZM Commercial Law II
    UU-LAW-4090-ZM Transitional justice: Law, War and Crime
    UU-LAW-1000-ZM Youth Justice
    UU-LAW-2090-ZM Health Care Law
    UU-LAW-4075-ZM Intellectual Property Law
    UU-LAW-4080-ZM Legal Research and Writing
    UU-LAW-4095-ZM Project
  •  The University of Zambia, Lusaka  
    Course content

    -Law of Torts
    -Criminal Law
    -Family Law and Succession
    -Commercial Law
    -Gender Law
    -Media Law
    -Medical Law
    -Competition Law
    -Business and Corporate Law
    -Environmental Law
    -Intellectual Property

    Course entry requirements

    -Full Grade Twelve (12) certificate with five (5) ‘O’ level passes with Credit or better

    -Three (3) Cambridge ‘A’ level passes, including English OR

    -A first degree in any field of study from a recognized University or institution; OR

    -A professional qualification that is academically equivalent to a first degree
  •  Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University, Lusaka  
    Entry Requirements:

    Applicants should satisfy the following requirements:

    -Have O level credit or better grades in English or a recognized language, and ANY four other subjects. Or
    -Have three O levels with a relevant Certificate or Diploma from a recognized institution.
    -Applicants with alternative qualifications from recognized Institutions may be considered, subject to approval by the admissions committee.
  •  Mulungushi University , Kabwe  
    Course content

    -International Labour Law and Domestic Law I
    -Employment and Labour Law II
    -Alternative Dispute Resolution
    -Conflict of laws
    -Law of Evidence
    -Administrative Law
    -Criminal Law II
    -Law of Torts I
    -Family Law and Succession
    -Legal Process

    Course duration: 4 years
  •  National Institute Of Public Administration, Lusaka   
    Tuition fees: K8,222 per semester

    Mode of study

    -Part time
    -Full time
    -Distance learning

    Course duration: 4 years
  •  Twin Palm Leadership University, Lusaka  
    Course entry requirements
    -An appropriate accredited Diploma or its equivalent.
  •  Copperstone University, Kitwe  
    Course entry requirements

    -Five credits or better
  •  Oak University, Lusaka  
  •  Citizen University Zambia, Lusaka  
  •  Livingstone International University for Tourism Excellence and Business Management (LIUTEBM), Lusaka  
  •  Pamodzi University, Lusaka  
  •  Gideon Robert University, Lusaka  
  •  Rockview University, Lusaka  
  •  University of Africa, Lusaka  
  •  The University of Barotseland, Senanga  

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