Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Social Work in Canada

  • Course Name: Diploma in Social Work(Social Work)
  • Major Subject: Social Work
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Social Work

  •  Bow Valley College, Calgary  
    Course entry requirements
    -Credit in English 30-1 or a minimum of 65% in English 30-2 or equivalent
    -Successful completion of the General Educational Development (GED) test with a standard score of 520 in Language Arts: Reading and Writing or
    -Satisfactory results on the Bow Valley College Admissions Test

    Course duration: 6 terms
  •  NorQuest College, Edmonton  
    Course entry requirements
    (i) Language Arts – this requirement can be met with any of the following, or an equivalent course:
    -60% in English Language Arts 30-1
    -60% in ESLG 1860

    (ii) Documentary evidence of having completed at least 100 voluntary and/or paid work hours in the human services field.

    Course duration: 6 terms
  •  St Lawrence College, Kingston  

    Duration: 2 Years

    Delivery Type: Full-Time

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