Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Education in Primary Teaching in Ireland

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Education in Primary Teaching()
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  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Education in Primary Teaching

  • Mary Immaculate College Mary Immaculate College, Limerick  
    Course entry requirements

    (i) Second-Level Pupils
    -Applicants must be at least 16 years old on 15 January of the year of entry.

    Applicants must have obtained the following minimum grades at a single sitting of the Leaving Certificate examination:
    -Grade H5 on a Higher Level paper in not less than three subjects
    -Grade O6/H7 in three other subjects (Higher or Ordinary Level)

    Applicants must have obtained the following grades, at minimum, in the following subjects:
    -Gaeilge - Grade H4
    -Mathematics - O4 or H7
    -English - O4 or H7
    -Foundation Level Mathematics does not satisfy the entry requirement in Mathematics.

    Note: Minimum grades required in Gaeilge, English and Mathematics can be obtained at different sittings of the Leaving Certificate Examination(s). The requirement to achieve a minimum of Grade H5 in three Higher Level papers and Grade O6/H7 in three other subjects (Higher or Ordinary Level) must be obtained in a single sitting of the Leaving Certificate Examination.

    Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP)

    Link modules will be accepted for points purposes but they will not qualify as a subject for matriculation purposes.

    (ii) Mature Applicants
    -If you are at least 23 years old on the 1 January of the year of entry to College, you are considered as a mature applicant.

    Minimum Grades in Leaving Certificate Examination 2021
    -Grade H4 on a Higher Level paper in Irish, and Grade H5 in two other subjects.
    -English - H7 or O4
    -Maths - H7 or O4
    -One H7 or O6 grade in another subject

    Minimum Grades in Leaving Certificate Examination 1992-2016

    Grade HC2 in a higher level in Irish and 2 HD1 grades in two other subjects.

    Applicants must have obtained the following grades at minimum in subjects specified:
    -Irish - HC2
    -English - HE or OC2
    -Maths - HE or OC2
    -One HE or OD3 grade in another subject
    -Accepted Examination Alternatives

    There are a number of acceptable alternatives to Leaving Cert Irish, English, and Maths, and these are listed on the Department of Education and Skills Minimum Entry Requirements each year.

    Combination of Leaving Certificate Examination Grades

    Mature applicants for MI005/MI006 who wish to be considered on the grounds of age, and wish to attend for Interview and Oral Irish test, may combine results obtained at the Leaving Certificate Examination in different years for the purpose of meeting the academic requirements.

    Interview and Oral Irish Test

    All mature applicants who make an application to MIC through the CAO for MI005/MI006 and, are meeting the eligibility criteria, will be invited for an interview and an Oral Irish test.

    Course duration: 4 years

    Mode of study: Full time
  • Dublin City University Dublin City University, Dublin  
    Delivery Modes: Full-Time

    Duration: 4 Years

    About the course:
    Our Bachelor of Education course is designed to help you become a skilled and creative teacher.

    In Years One and Two, students cover the basics needed for teaching. You will come to understand how children think and learn in active ways. Your curriculum courses will prepare you to teach all the subjects of the primary curriculum using approaches that develop children’s understanding and motivation. You’ll also take modules in Psychology, Philosophy Sociology of Education and History of Education.

    In Year Three, you will review what you’ve learned to date and will apply it in different situations. Your understanding of classroom contexts and of how to plan for rich learning experiences will be enriched. You’ll learn how to work with children in ways that are democratic and enable them to engage in an ethical way with the world.

    Year Four focuses on deepening your expertise. It will provide you with opportunities to think about big ideas in education such as social justice, inclusion and working in a school community. You will also undertake a research project.

    Students spend time in schools in each year, with extended placements in each of Years Three and Four. You will start by observing the class teacher and will build up gradually to teaching all day. Throughout your placements, support will be provided by both faculty and school staff.

    The BEd also enables you to specialize in key areas of learning. In Year One you’ll select a maximum of three from English, Gaeilge, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, and Religious Studies. You can continue with one of these as a Major Specialism in Years Two to Four. Alternatively, you may decide to opt for Early Childhood Education, Digital Learning, Science Education, Human Development, Physical Education, Literacy Education, Geo Learning, or Special and Inclusive Education. (The number of places on some specialisms is restricted and options are subject to change).

    Be taught by with internationally recognized experts in primary teacher education.
    Gain experience in a broad range of classes in different types of schools.
    Select from a range of specialisms designed to prepare you to be a leader and innovator in education.
    Work within small groups where you'll get to know your fellow students well.
    Make an impact with an action research project as part of your final school placement.

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