Colleges and Universities Offering Online Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security in Australia

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Institutions Offering Online Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security

  • RMIT University RMIT University, Melbourne  
    Part-time 1 year, Full time 9 months

    Electives and program structure:
    In this graduate certificate, you will complete four subjects: Structures of Cyberspace, Programming Fundamentals, An Introduction to Information Security, and Case Studies in Cyber Security.

    Cyberspace refers to the hardware, software, algorithms, and protocols of digital communication. The ability to employ abstract thinking towards any problems within cyberspace is foundational to any cyber security professional. In this course, you’ll learn the mathematical tools and language needed to describe and interpret structures of cyberspace.

    Programming skills represent a generic problem-solving ability and are considered essential for anyone involved in the development and maintenance of software systems. Programming skills are also vital for analyzing software vulnerabilities, identifying malicious software, and other tasks required for cyber security analysts. This programming fundamentals course will introduce you to foundational knowledge of computer systems, software interactions, conceptual building blocks for programming, and basic computer programming.

    In Introduction to Information Security, you’ll get an overview of data and computer security and concentrate on technical and continuity management issues. The basic information security objectives such as data integrity, identification, message authentication, authorization, validation and access control are examined. Cryptographic techniques and the basic philosophy of key management is also introduced. The ideas behind behind hacking, cracking and social engineering will be discussed in the context of ethics and their place in information security.

    In your last course, Case Studies in Cyber Security, you’ll be able to apply the knowledge and skills obtained to study further concepts in information security, communicate and interpret ideas related to information security, and work in small groups.
  • University of Newcastle University of Newcastle, Callaghan  
    1 year part-time up to 3 years maximum.

    Mode of delivery:

    Feb, Jul
  • University of the Sunshine Coast University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland  
    Duration: 1 year part time

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