Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Education - Irish Sign Language Pathway in Ireland

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Education - Irish Sign Language Pathway()
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Institutions Offering Bachelor of Education - Irish Sign Language Pathway

  • Dublin City University Dublin City University, Dublin  
    Delivery Modes: Full-Time

    Duration: 4 Years

    About the course:
    Our Bachelor of Education (ISL) course is designed to help you become a skilled and creative teacher.

    In Years One and Two, students cover the basics needed for teaching. You will come to understand how children think and learn in active ways. Your curriculum courses will prepare you to teach all the subjects of the primary curriculum using approaches that develop children’s understanding and motivation. You’ll also take modules in Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology of Education and History of Education.

    In Year Three, you will review what you’ve learned to date and will apply it in different situations. Your understanding of classroom contexts and of how to plan for rich learning experiences will be enriched. You’ll learn how to work with children in ways that are democratic and enable them to engage in an ethical way with the world.

    Year Four focuses on deepening your expertise. It will provide you with opportunities to think about big ideas in education such as social justice, inclusion and working in a school community. You will also undertake a research project.

    Students spend time in schools in each year, with extended placements in each of Years Three and Four. You will start by observing the class teacher and will build up gradually to teaching all day. Throughout your placements, support will be provided by both faculty and school staff.

    On the BEd (ISL), you will specialize in deaf education. In Year One you’ll take a module on Deaf communities, their histories and cultures. You will continue with this specialist learning in Years Two to Four with a number of modules on deaf education including content on sign language acquisition, audiology, assessment of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, and working with families and other professionals.

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