Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation in Ireland

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation

  • Dublin City University Dublin City University, Dublin  
    Delivery Modes: Full-Time

    Duration: 3 or 4 Years

    About the course:
    The BA in Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation seeks to develop in students the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to thrive in a globalized world defined by exponential technological growth, unprecedented access to real-time information, and unparalleled levels of human mobility and interconnectivity. The programme gives you an in-depth understanding of the many forces that define our individual and collective experiences, and is structured around three core pillars relating to the study of Culture, Media and Politics respectively. These pillars can be understood as follows:

    Culture, Migration and Diverse Societies: Explore the meaning of culture as a set of values and behaviours; study personal and social identities, such as gender, nationality and social class; examine the idea of personal agency and the tension that exists between the individual and society; debate the fundamental questions and challenges which all cultures face; consider the drivers and impacts of globalization, mass migration, and unprecedented intercultural contact; discuss the concept of global citizenship in the modern world; reflect on the relationship and tension between human rights and cultural rights; identify diverse social challenges and develop strategies to promote cultural innovations which can address these in a sustainable way.

    Media, Society and the Digital World: Examine the hugely influential role played by media in society; study the (r)evolution of the media industry in the recent past; consider humans’ relationship with the media and technology; understand how power is distributed within the media industry; analyze advertising and other media outputs; discuss how digital content is changing the way societies operate; reflect on the idea of online identity and attitudes towards privacy; explore the challenges and opportunities facing traditional and new media in the 21st century.

    Politics, Power and Internationalization: Learn about national and international political systems; examine the political development of diverse regions; analyze the concept of power and how it can be defined, acquired and (ab)used; explore nationalism and its role in regional, national and international politics; consider how various innovations are influencing the way in which citizens engage with politics, spread ideologies, and how political institutions interact with the public; study the causes of and possible solutions to conflicts from around the world; examine approaches to international security and political terrorism.

    Programme Structure:
    In Year One, you will study a suite of core modules relating to the three pillars of Culture, Media and Politics, which will lay the foundation for further exploration. In addition to this, you will undertake modules aimed at promoting key transferable skills, such as leadership, critical thinking, digital literacy and project management.

    In Year Two, you will develop further knowledge across the three pillars by undertaking a variety of core and elective modules which will encourage a more applied focus. Once again, you will complete additional modules focused on fostering new transferable skills, such as ethical thinking, presentation skills, intercultural competence, and entrepreneurial action.

    In Year Three, having had the opportunity to engage with all three pillars of Culture, Media and Politics for two years, you will select one of these in which to specialise, while still studying the other two at a less in-depth level. As in the preceding years, transferable skills are of central importance, with new modules aimed at enhancing creative thinking, research skills, report writing, and future thinking. Furthermore, building on previous years, in conjunction with the DCU Careers Office you will receive support in relation to career development in preparation for graduation from the programme.

    Study disciplines central to the field of Social Sciences, such as Culture, Media and Politics
    Specialize as you progress through the programme
    Undertake unique and innovative modules aimed at developing key transferable skills
    Identify and examine the forces that shape our lives, societies, nations and our world
    Learn how to develop strategies aimed at addressing major social and cultural challenges
    Avail of the opportunity to study abroad or undertake an INTRA work placement
    Benefit from career development assistance throughout the programme

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