Colleges and Universities Offering Master of Science in Clinical Neuroscience in Ireland

  • Course Name: Master of Science in Clinical Neuroscience()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Masters Courses

Institutions Offering Master of Science in Clinical Neuroscience

  •  National University of Ireland, Galway  
    Course Outline:
    The course will be of a content and format consistent with highest standards for postgraduate courses, consisting of 90 ECTS credits obtained by completion of course modules. Teaching approaches will consist of didactic lectures, problem-based learning, seminars, workshops, journal clubs, practicals and completion of a research dissertation, as well as subject specific training in a range of areas relevant to clinical neuroscience. Students will also receive valuable training in current research methodologies, being facilitated to study in-depth those methodologies most interesting to them (e.g. systematic review methodologies, wet-bench methodologies, software methodologies, etc.).

    Modules include:
    • Introduction to Neuroscience & Neuroanatomy
    • Genomics of Rare and Common Diseases
    • Basic & Applied Pharmacology
    • Clinical & Experimental Cognitive Neuroscience
    • Clinical & Experimental Neuroimaging
    • Neuropsychiatry
    • Methods: Systematic reviews & Meta-analysis
    • Applied Statistics
    • Clinical & Research Methodologies in Neuroscience.

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